Now I heard it from dealers, too ! A question.

I would like to buy an Overseas chronograph with white dial,

but I think it's too big!

I heard it from several others too,

and read it at different places.

I have a watch dealer in United Kindom,

who phoned me the other day,and he told me,

that if VC would do a medium size,

he thinks it's a great market for it !

He repeatedly heard it from customers,

and like me, he personally thinks it's growned too much,

to be as elegant, as you expect from a VacheronConstantin.

Overseas is 42 mm / 12.5 mm (diameter / height)

Rolex Sea-Dweller is 40 mm / 14.5 mm and waterproof to 1220 meter !

AP chronograph is 40 mm / 11 mm, which i always believed as big!

A year ago I bought a JLC Master Compressor Chronograph,

not the one with the world time, because I liked the movement.

Now I heard it from dealers, too ! A question.

This is 41.4 mm / 13.6 mm.

I felt much to big for my wrist, I think I have ordinary wrists for my height, 176 cm.

I suits the new owner very well, but he is 194 cm tall !

So Rolex big waterproof to 1220 meter, AP RO and JLC Master Compressor, are all smaller Now I heard it from dealers, too ! A question.

So my simple question is,

do some of you think as me and persons I referred to above ?

Of course I know there are lot of you, who has this magnificent watch,

and you are very satisfied with it,

but are there anyone who hesitate, like me because I think it's too bigNow I heard it from dealers, too ! A question.


you have two solutions Doc either get the Overseas 1 chrono which is
02/14/2008 - 19:33

40mm or the time only Overseas.

I personnaly like the size of the new chrono and considering that it is a sports watch the size does seem right.

But hey the folks at VC read the forum so you might be giving them some ideas

Re: you have two solutions Doc either get the Overseas 1 chrono which is
02/15/2008 - 02:07

Hi Doc,

The Overseas in 42mm size is good for me considering it is a sport watch and I am a fairly big guy. Maybe VC adding a midsize diameter Overseas would be a good idea. Personnally, I am waiting for VC to introduce the calibre 2450 in the Overseas with sapphire caseback. That would be perfect!



For me 42mm is the perfect size...
02/14/2008 - 19:43

...and that goes for both "classic" and "sport" watches.

I am soooo happy that the Malte QP Excellence Platine is 42mm!!

I guess it's down to what one is used to... For me anything between 38mm-44mm is acceptable.

I have seen a few vintage VC with a size of 36mm, and it seemed way to small on my wrist.

Different generations...

Hey Francois,
02/14/2008 - 20:33

that's because you still have your arm put in plaster ?

Yeah, you are right, different generations,

and I would also add different trends !

Why do you think Vacheron made so small movements ?

It was a common critic, when they came with their first "inhouse" movements,

cal. 1400 20,35 mm / 2,6 mm and cal. 2475 26,2 mm / 5,5 mm,

that they were to small to fill the watch !

This we can see when it's saphire glass on the back,

opposite to Lange, who makes big movements, that fills the whole watch !

Historic, we also knows that one of VC's signs are that they always made small movements.

Even back in the end of 18th century !

At that time it was appreciated as exclusive craftmanship,

and that's why already Breguet and others bought their movemnets.

It's of course because the firm knows it's a trend, that sooner or later will return,

to more normal sizes !

Three years ago when I bought my DTR, it was commentaded by several,

as being to big !



small movement (cal 1002) in big case (38mm) from the 50s
02/15/2008 - 10:59

You are probably right Doc,
02/18/2008 - 11:17

I'm sure at one point the trend will go back to smaller models... That's not to say I will follow

Just another point on size - I think it is important to consider also the tickness of the watch. If it is thin, then it will not look good if it is too big (it will ressemble a pancake). If it is really thick and it is too small, then it look more like a hamburger and, IMO, will not look right on a wrist. That was my main dislike for the old Malte QP Chrono and the Malte QP Retrograde...

02/14/2008 - 22:00

I agree that for a classical watch over 40mm is too large.  I found the new Bi-Retro 42.5mm to be too big for a watch of its kind.  However, I was recently at an AD and just fell in love with the new Overseas Chrono and just received the US Limited Edition.  At 42mm I find it to be a great size for a sports watch.  So for me it depends on what kind of whatch it is, whether the size is too large or not.  For a classy dress watch, I think 39mm is about as large as i would go and im a pretty tall guy.

Congrats on the US overseas, its a great watch. I'm seriously longing
02/15/2008 - 11:00

for one myself :-)

Boils down to tastes, physique and overall balance I guess..
02/15/2008 - 01:33

I think preferences play a big role although there are "normally" accepted dimensions (say, 38-40mm for dress watch).  But even these norms and personal preferences/tastes can be affected by trends (I believe 33-38 was the norm for dress watches before).  What was too big during my father's time is now de rigueur.

Then there is the overall balance of the watch and its wearer.  A 42mm Overseas may be acceptable for your tastes for sports watches, but if you have a 6 inch wrist, then chances are you wouldn't be able to pull it off. 

This is the biggest problem for me.  I have discovered that my tastes can change over time (adjusting to the norm/trend, or getting used to something in the end, I guess).  Unfortunately, unlike my waistline, the size of my wrist has remained on the small side so many of the new releases, whose sizes I have gotten used to, are just too big for me.

Unfortunately (IMHO), there are many who buy the trendy stuff without considering whether it is too big or too small for their wrists.  Well, of course that is none of my business.  After all, (1) it is their money, (2) the seller is always happy to make a sale, (3) there are many precedents (like "The Emperor's New Clothes").



Re: Now I heard it from dealers, too ! A question.
02/15/2008 - 03:32

Hi Doc,  the Overseas isn't to big at all, especially since you wear that JLC. I say go for it!

Hi Milton,
02/15/2008 - 15:38

Sorry but to me it is too big, and if you read my post,

you see I sold the JLC because it was to big !

Anyhow Overseas is very good looking, but to big for me..


I personally really like another alternative, BP Flyback with Big Date
02/15/2008 - 20:05

It is 40mm, with FP1186, flyback version of 1185 and exclusive to Blancpain.  Regular version without Big Date is nice as well, but at 38mm, a little small for a sport watch.

To be honest, I like Blancpain Flyback more than either AP RO Chrono or VC Overseas Chrono.