OK, here it comes,

my new aquisition !

According to our Guru, Dominique Bernaz, Directeur La Maison Vacheron Constantin,

this is one of a kind.

So, there is only this one ever madeOK, here it comes,

He tells me :

Vacheron&Constantin 1931

Sold on 25 June 1931 to our retailer OTTO AHRENS
probably unique not part of a serie.
Matching numbers look like description in archives.

Case: platinum/18 K white gold,and ornamented with black enamel.

Dial: silver and applied indexes.

Movement: bridge movement, polished screws, club-tooth lever escapement,

gold screw compensation balance, blued hairspring.

Ruby endstone on balance

And some pics,
which I'm sorry to say I have not had time to fresh up in photoshop.
I'll think you'll like it anyhowOK, here it comes,

OK, here it comes,

OK, here it comes,

OK, here it comes,

OK, here it comes,

Please notice the platine in the corner!

OK, here it comes,

OK, here it comes,

I think I'm in love OK, here it comes,



You sneaky Viking! You disappear for a month then show up with this
01/15/2008 - 19:22

amazing watch! Just WOW and it is in perfect pristine condition.

Kudos to VC for such a beauty and to you Sir for your taste

The creativity of the Art Deco era will never cease to amaze me...

01/15/2008 - 20:09

You don't think I was sick at all Alex,

do you?

I think I was worth a new, old watch as REI said


I suspect you to had gone into hiding as to prepare a major
01/15/2008 - 23:41

takeover of all VC's Art Deco production

Size !
01/15/2008 - 23:25

39 mm x 33 mm.

Weight: 60 gram !!


I've probably said this before...
01/16/2008 - 00:10

...but I think Doc this is your most beautiful piece! And the fact that it is unique makes it even sweater

I love its shape and its simplicity!!!

Congrats, I'm sure looking at this one helped you feel a lot better!


Congrats, Doc. Very simple, very clean, and totally art deco!! (nt)
01/16/2008 - 05:34


Re: OK, here it comes,
01/16/2008 - 13:39

An exquisite watch!

Enjoy it in good health!


verrrrryyy niiiiccee! NT
01/16/2008 - 17:58


platinum watch in 1931!!! now that spells luxury and what VC is ....
01/16/2008 - 19:09

about. sweet return with a vengeance.