OK, my DEAR frieds :-)

I'm no querulous man,

But in the 30 (!) years I worked as doc,

I never had fever for over a week,

and felt so bad as now..

BUT, once again forget that,

compare with our dear friend Francois - Velliotron,

it's just peanuts !

My dear Velliotron - Francois,

get better OK, my DEAR frieds  :-)

And about this our watch I have only one wish OK, my DEAR frieds  :-)

The & OK, my DEAR frieds  :-)


LOL Doc even from your sick bed you shout for the &!! nt
12/04/2007 - 09:12


haha - agree with that!!
12/04/2007 - 18:56

Glad you're well now. Took me a few seconds to get your meaning, but fully agree with you.

The & symbolizes a time when mega-shareholding corporations and groups did not rule the world with brand positionings, marketing nonsense and computers and lasers did not run the manufacturing processes.... When watchmaking was more like watchmaking...

Viva le "&"!!!
12/04/2007 - 21:55

We are all with you on that one, Doc...

And you are too kind to me... I can assure you, at this very moment you are probably in more pain than I am...

I do wish that this awful cold comes quickly to an end!

Re: OK, my DEAR frieds :-)
12/05/2007 - 23:18

I am happy you are recovering some health, Doc.

And I fully agree with you for the &, as, if I am not mistaking (please confirm Doc), VC is the unique manufacture in the watchmaking history to use it, and I must add with style!

I hope they will soon come back to this attention.