old watch

Hi everybody,

I've got an old watch that's given to my fathers grandfather in 1895, but unfortunately it's not working. Tried to get it repaired in The Netherlands, but already 5 dealers were not able to repair it. Apparently there's a part missing called the "anker rad". I have no idea what it is in English but apparently it's an important part. Does anybody have a suggestion? Does VC still makes parts for a watch this age?

Hi Joris, VC boasts being able to repair any watch they have
08/12/2007 - 11:29

produced in the past 252 years! The best would be to send the watch to Geneva for repair, check VC's web site for their service center in the Netherlands (who will take care of shipping the watch to Geneva) and if there is none call up VC directly in Geneva and see how this can be organised.

Good luck