One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!

Saturday morning at 11 in the morning, Tony came to my Hotel in Paddington, London.
He had been travelling for 1.5 hours (!).
Wow, what a man!
Life is a bit duller the older you get, and I'm quite old now,
but here comes a gentleman who is, yes it's possible, my senior,
but that's the least of importance, so much fun in short time,
I never think any of us had One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!
He became from that second we hugged, a friend for lifeOne of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!

We took a cab to Portobello Road, were we were supposed to meet a friend of me,
who also happens to be the best watch dealer in the world...
Also one of the nicest men I ever met and I just can't understand that a man with his big One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!
can sell any watch!

Anyhow, Tony and I sat down at Gold Pub, or something alike,
outside it was already about 26 °C in the shadow,
so I think we had two small G&T's and we started to talk,
about a certain watchmaker, Tony brought his unique V&C,
but quite fast about everything else.

My friend, the watch dealer, which, to be honest, is just a hobby for him, 
he are into much bigger thingsOne of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!, appeared on stage and for the first time.
Since I met him two days earlier, he had, yep had One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!, never worn a watch on his wrist.
He arrived from a meeting with a business friend of him and had made a bargain, 
like we all here, do the whole time, and said this I could really keep for myself....
I looked Tony in his eyes, saw he new what I thought, he gave me a silent yes,
so I borrowed the watch from my friend Stephen....
Amazing! It's still there One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!

Anyhow I'm so happy to met such a fantastic gentleman and friend as Tony,
and thanks to this Forum.
Isn't it amazing, that it's possible meeting one person, speaking to each other for3-4 hours, 
knowing each other already before we meet.

Thanks Tony, you are one of the most fine men I ever met One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!

Yes, OK, you always have to ask....
This was, is, the watch One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!

One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!

BTW, bracelet in steel, but watch in WG,
you know me, always low profile One of the finest persons I met. Tony Chance!


the best part of this hobby is the human experience :-) (nt)
05/26/2010 - 17:20
05/26/2010 - 23:52
It was a great pleasure meeting DOC who I regard as a "Pillar of the Establishment" when it comes to "watch" knowledge, know-how and experience. A delightful day in every respect. I have much to thank VC for and the wonderful HL forum without which our meeting would never have taken place. Thank you again DOC for the kind hospitality during your visit to Old London Town! "We'll Meet Again" - reminds me of a wonderful song sung by Vera Lynn. "But I know we'll meet again some sunny day" With warmest best wishes Tony
My friend, show THE watch with documantation!!!
05/27/2010 - 02:12
Tony, it was such short time, next will be longer Please show our friends, what I, Doc, never seen in my V&C life! A full documentation from the original buyer, and this marvellous watch, nearly 50 years old, yes the watch, how it can be possible..  Love you Tony, se you soon and extermely sorry that Francois and we missed each other Doc
A DOCumentation request from "you know who?"
05/27/2010 - 14:46
Clearly pressure is mounting for another exclusive viewing of the watch. Every effort will be made (if only to keep him quiet!!)to prepare a site shortly, thus revealing all! Comin' to a Cinema close to you! Watch this Space. (Have you fully recovered yet, DOC?) Tony
Yep today,
05/27/2010 - 19:07
first day that I have been active again take care Tony Mats
Sounds like a fun time!
05/27/2010 - 11:39
I'm happy you got the chance to meet eachother and I hope I can become more familiar with all your faces in the future! I'm going to Stockholm the next week and somehow I got the idea that our friend Doc lived there and tried to arrange a meeting, but alas he doesn't live there! Didn't I feel like a fool? Kind regards Martin
05/27/2010 - 19:12
Martin, Wonderful, here I live nearly exactly between you and Stockholm, and you arrange a meeting there It's just marvellous! See you soon I hope! I belive that it's the 'Stockholm syndrome', everybody lives there, except you and I and some other smart guys I'm glad my son doesn't visit HL, guess where he lives Cheers Doc