One of the most important posts, ever !!

A lot of people,

even in the WIS ( Watch Idiot Savant ) world,


that Vacheron & Constantin is the outstanding OLDEST firm.

Nearly 100 years older than Patek Philippe !

During 252 years Vacheron & Constantin has made as many watches,
as Rolex are doing EVERY year !!

1937 VC made only 439 watches, all of them still top class !

Proud owner of one of them !

I have shown it at several times,

but it is one of my most valuable watches,

in double senses,

and I can never get bored of it !

One of the most important posts, ever !!

Just imagine the people had only a third in payment,

more about that in the Book....

but as you understand the Book will be like a real novel,

at least what I hope when you reads it,

but no fact will be wrong.

On my heartOne of the most important posts, ever !!

Next year,1938, a merger with JLC,

just to survive !

But they never gave up their name, Vacheron&Constantin !

But in thoose times it was the same for all big names VC, AP and PP,

they bought their movements from underdeliverers!

Which of course was rignt and still would be,

if not some id-ots,

had not been starting the absolute absurd discussion,

about inhouse or own fabricated....

I have a Audi TT, which is owned by VW, who is owned by Porsche!

And it has a 4WD (the TT) which is the same as Porsche Turbo or Bentley Continental,

which is owned by VW, that owns Audi.....

Get the idea.

Inhouse or not,

we gentlemen at this club,

will never have that silly discussion here at anytime...One of the most important posts, ever !!

Back  to our lovely Vacheron&ConstantinOne of the most important posts, ever !!

Problem is that few watches are on the market,
because they stays in the family.
The last is something PP has stolen,

and uses as advertisement nowadays!

From VC's catalogue 1950 you can read, and this I got from my dear friend Bill, WHL,

moderator of VC at the PuristS, where we all started our WIS careers,

BTW. Alex were the FIRST poster at ThePuristS One of the most important posts, ever !!:

 And in the folder you can read 1950 !!!!

One of the most important posts, ever !!

compare that to PP's advertisement of today......

One of the most important posts, ever !!

And gentlemen/ladies sorry

Read this letter to VC's Ad's 1950

One of the most important posts, ever !!

Once again Bill thanks for your informationOne of the most important posts, ever !!

Who is the king?

Who is the copymaker,

I will not name any countries,

but there are similarilties....One of the most important posts, ever !!

Cheers from yor own

DocOne of the most important posts, ever !!

A great piece of historical info witht one correction...
11/26/2007 - 22:08

VC did not merge with JLC but was bought by the then owner of JLC: Mr Ketterer so basically in 1938 as today (talking about coincidences) both JLC and VC had the same shareholder but one did not own the other.

You are in the neighbourhood
11/26/2007 - 22:22

But the exact info will come in The Book !


Here its 17m/s from the north,

the sea is really rolling in with BIG waves,

and +- 0 ° C outside.

So the two labradors are lying in front of the open fire,

and what's more impressing when I say:

" Do you want some food ?",

in two seconds they are at the door.

ready to go out,

without any cap or jacket !!!

from +25 to  zero and bitterly cold wind,

And no shoes

Hard kids !


Thanks Doc...
11/26/2007 - 22:55

...your posts are always very interesting and instructives!

Now, you give me one more reason to love VC MORE & MORE & MORE

11/26/2007 - 23:52

I'm blushing

But you are one of the pillars that HL stands on!

Your friend


Look at these guys in the ad...
11/27/2007 - 00:00

are they real bored or am I having blurry eyes? ;-)

Great piece of historical read.

Thanks Mats!

That place wouldn't be as colorful as it is without you...

Thanks my friend
11/27/2007 - 00:20


Re: One of the most important posts, ever !!
11/27/2007 - 13:35

Thanks Doc, very informative. One of the reasons I love to visit this forum so often is the wealth of knowledge of the other that participate here. More importantly their willingness to share with the rest of us....THANK YOU.


Re: One of the most important posts, ever !!
11/27/2007 - 14:43

Always very well documented and detailed information, Doc.

What a source!

THE book will be really promising...

Cheers from your (one of your great number of) friend, Patrice

Another educational and interesting post!
11/27/2007 - 23:11
Thank you Doc! One quick comment: while I do not mind VC outsourcing the movement ebauches (my 47212 doesn't have an in-house movement), I am still happy to hear that VC is moving more of the production of its movement in-house... What better way to control and assure quality??