one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

With its name referring to the founding date of Vacheron Constantin,the Jublié 1755 - created as part of the 250th anniversary celebration pieces- is a timepiece concentrating all of Vacheron Constantin's savoir faire: technical and aesthetical.

The Jubilé 1755 also has all the "250th" signature elements: case with 1/4 Maltese Cross shape lugs, special guilloche dial and hands

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

This wonderful time piece also houses Vacheron Constantin's very first inhouse automatic movement: caliber 2475 which not only bears the Geneva Seal but is finished to the nth degree both on the underdial and visible side!

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755

one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755 

The Jubilé 1755 is one of those watches which become a classic immediately! A subtle sense of detail (guillochage of the dial) a dash of flamboyance (the case) and an amazing movement have made this model one of Vacheron Constantin's hottest watches and an avidly sought after collector's timepiece.

The Jubilé 1755 was made in 500 pieces in YG, RG, and WG plus 250 in platinum (with platinum dial).

Could you add pics with the black dial?
11/12/2007 - 09:56


Here you go...
11/12/2007 - 11:21

Made as one off pieces for the 2005 Antiquorum Quartyer Millennium auction

rose gold:

yellow gold:

white gold:


scans courtesy of Antiquorum

Thanks Alex, any chance to see the WG and black dial
11/12/2007 - 11:42

on a regular production?

well the Jubilé 1755 is not a regular production model but made in a
11/12/2007 - 11:45

limited series of 500 pieces in each gold metal color so you will neither see another version of the Jubilé with regular dial or black dial as the later was a pièce unique.

Next time you ask me a question where the answer is already in my original post you'll have to invite me for lunch...and I choose the restaurant

You should have been exhaustive (ie. blackdial)
11/12/2007 - 12:41

to avoid any misunderstanding for the poor man (memory) that I am

don't push your luck... I did say
11/12/2007 - 13:00

one off

Re: Here you go...
11/12/2007 - 17:43

Alex, Thanks for the post, it was very informative. Seeing the picture of the rose gold black dial version reaffirmed my desire to own this watch. If it ever does come up for sale again I hope to be the new owner because to me its absolutely the most stunning watch I have seen in years. They say the 3rd times a charm so who knows, someday......

if it does appear at auction again I will cross my fingers for you :-)
11/12/2007 - 17:44

Hi Alex!
11/12/2007 - 11:16

I like this RG more than the WG I was telling you! Very nice!

alex, what u meant by " case with 1/4 maltese cross" ......
11/12/2007 - 11:55

do u refer to the lugs seen from the side profile?" wow, thanks for solving the mystery for me. i have been wondering the signifcance of the shape of the lugs for a long time and cannot come up with this conclusion. well done on the subtle details , VC.

may i bring out another beautiful aesthetic of this watch after having it since june., that is it has extra long lugs which does not show on a single watch pic. it really wears very well around the wrist. however if u compare with another watch of the same size 39mm, it can be seen rather clearly.

(sorry for the rough pic) as u can see the lugs for the moser is much shorter than the VC despite the same case size.

in conclusion, it is also one of my favourite current VC and i am glad i found one despite giving up my allocation of a WG one during the anniversary.

Hi Aaron, yes I meant the lugs. Great to hear you are enjoying your
11/12/2007 - 13:03

watch and agree that the long lugs are very comfortable.

I'm a sucker for lugs and VC has so many different lug designs that it is a real treat!

your knowledge on VC makes it a little more enjoyable :) nt.
11/12/2007 - 17:39


Beautiful !
11/12/2007 - 13:27

This one is my favorite...

That one has been nominated as Best Men's Watch for the Geneva Grand
11/12/2007 - 13:32

Prix which will be held on Wednesday.

Not my cup of tea...
11/12/2007 - 15:15

In a global view, this VC is nice, but I don't really like the crénelé case ans the "texture" of the dial.

Thanks for sharing the pics Alex! :P

11/12/2007 - 18:10

..that is a fantastic piece, and with historical importance. Elegant with lost of interesting details on the case. The only thing I do not like is the seal symbol on the dial. I am sure there is an idea behind it but IMHO it just is a bit too much.

Kind regards,


I don't like the Geneva Seal on the dial either but VC were very proud
11/12/2007 - 18:12

to display it there since supposedly it was the fist time the Geneva seal committee had authorised it!

It is an elegant watch...
11/12/2007 - 23:48

specially in PG.

Mine too....
11/13/2007 - 03:39
If I could only have one modern VC it might very well be this piece (with the skeleton perpetual and the Mercator vying for inclusion). What seems especially rare with this watch is the full bridge that the supports the calendar works and power reserve indicators. I've never seen that before. Bill
Don't know which is impressing most..
11/13/2007 - 13:58

the watch or the pics

You have become a star !


Also one of my favourite
11/17/2007 - 15:55

This is such a beautiful piece

I almost bought the WG version a year ago, but I decided to keep my money for the QP... Now, the more I look at them, and the more I prefer the RG version.

I really love all the "250th" signature elements, apart from the dents on the case (is that what is called "crenele"?). IMO, it would have looked much better with a smooth case...

I might be the only one thinking this, but I REALLY, REALLY LOVE the engraved Geneva Seal in 3D on the dial!

I guess I'm a big sucker for engraved things (let's not forget the moonphase on the 47112 and 47212!!), but I think the seal is one of the key elements that make me love this piece so much!

Re: one of my favorite modern VC's: Jubilee 1755
11/23/2016 - 20:12

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!!!!!



This truly is my holy grail watch!!!!!



Would you mind if I posted one or two of them on Instagram? My account is dedicated to VC; feel free to check it out: vacheron_and_me