the "Only Watch" Platinum Malte Tourbillon sold yesterday for

euro 130,000 (approx $183,000)

This auction held yesterday in Monaco by Antiquorum was to raise proceeds to fund research on muscular dystrophy

the "Only Watch" Platinum Malte Tourbillon sold yesterday for

scan courtesy of Hatcho-bori

the "Only Watch" Platinum Malte Tourbillon sold yesterday for

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Nice sale...
09/21/2007 - 13:44

...congrats Vacheron Constantion for building this incredible watch; and especially, congratulations to his new owner (it is  a member of the forum? We want more photos of this watch LooooL) :)

Re: the "Only Watch" Platinum Malte Tourbillon sold yesterday for
09/21/2007 - 17:06

Considering the fact that it is a Piece Unique, its finishing and the fact that it was the first VC with a tourbillon with a platinum carriage bridge (as I understand it...), it looks like the person who bought the piece got a very good deal!

And definitely much better quality & value/price ratio than what the Patek Only Watch went for...

Congrats to him...

I think that its a "logical" price for a modern watch with certain
09/21/2007 - 18:05

elements making it different from regular production models. The price the Patek Nautilus went for is just...bizarre

Heavy watch and...
09/21/2007 - 23:04

big price but I must confess I would have expected an higher one.


Like you I had expected a higher price but today I find the price
09/21/2007 - 23:49

high enough, 130,000K is still a huge amount of cash   especially for a watch which exists as a regular production piece but with a different dial. I admit having a platinum tourbillon bridge is an immense feat but since communication was up to Antiquorum this part was not put forward enough.

I think that VC were too conservative for this sale and had they presented something as audacious as one of these black nickel Malte Tourbillons (like they had made for their Singapore and Kuala Lumpur boutiques) we would have seen a jaw dropping price!!

scan courtesy of Revolution Press

let's kneel before the gods of marketing
09/22/2007 - 01:00

The brands who did best are the ones who have mastered modern day marketing: Patek and Richard Mille. We could maybe also add Frank Muller but Shady Joes believes that the gentelman who woke up this morning with an extreme hangover, a Frank Muller Crazy Hours on his wrist and 180,000 euros less in his bank account must have felt rather lost.

You can't sell a watch on your name only, then no problem team up with a trendy designer (Mille and Starck) or a trendy architect (De Witt and Wilmote), Shady Joe applauds this effort of trying to create something really new and to honor what is truly an Only Watch but Shady Joe also thinks that these guys are toddlers compared to Patek who has taken marketing to new heights.

Shady Joe invites you through a trip through a time not so long ago:

Ref 5085, Ref 5054 and the Nautulus are models that are not selling well, Ok then lets make a Nautilus with the same dial as the ref 5085, 5054 and enter the new Nautulus 3712, lets communicate like hell on this model and unofficially announce that production will stop after a year, all of a sudden every one wants one  and like the Rolex Daytona second hand models sell for above list price. Then replace the 3712 with a brand new 5712 (with an amazing case which is 1mm larger than the previous model!!) but deliver them at a pace which would put the Star Moon Tourbillon to shame. Now every one and their grand mother wants one, come out with a titanium model of your hottest selling model and drive collectors (speculators?) nuts!

This Nautilus will be in absolutely every newspaper, magazine and internet discussion forum and just saved PP hundreds of thousands of dollars in adds. Shady Joe applauds with both hands and feet such brilliant marketing.

Shady Joe does not however wish to be in the shoes of the purchaser who ends up with the hot potatoe the day he wants to sell...if the watch has not been purchased for the PP museum of course.

VC does not have a model traded like stock. Why?
09/22/2007 - 06:08

PP has Nautilus and AP has ROO (LE).  Both have been traded like stock (cooked watch) not watch.  Both have been the hot discussion topic in various watch forums.  Both have been highly sought after by boutique, AD, grey market dealers, collectors and those who don't know much about watches.  Both brands play the game so well so much so that those caterory of people mentioned above has become insane in the sense that they are willing to pay so much premium.

Why didn't VC choose a particular model and play this kind of game? Or VC does not have such a model to play such game?  Or VC does not want to be part of the game? Or VC does not have marketing genius like PP and AP (even though I am not sure they are genius or we are idiot)?

Any view, Ladies and Gentlemen?



its dangerous to become a one model brand and take passion out of
09/22/2007 - 10:59


Today VC does not really have an immédiately identifiable model like the Royal Oak or a regular production model like the Nautilus which sells above list on the secondary markets. 

I think VC does not really want to be part of this dangerous game. Someone from the industry very close to AP told me no later than yesterday that AP only sold the limited edition RO and ROO! At one point or the other people may tire of paying high prices on supposed limited editions which are produced in large numbers and which come out each year with a slightly different dial.

With PP its a bit different, its not limited editions but the supposed rarity of certain models (which in my opinion is just a strategy adopted by the brand) such as the Nautilus drives prices up but how can you justify paying a premium on a regular production watch, not particularly complicated, difficult to make or rare? 

It kind of reminds me of the steel Daytona craze at the end of the 90s when the model was selling at huge premiums and prices collapsed! Don't get me wrong I really like the Nautilus models and even have a 5712 on order but from my AD and at list, I'm not ready to pay premium!

A few days ago I was having drinks with a friend wh had just bought a PP perpetual calendar and his very first remark on the watch was that he could sell it for a couple of thousand more that what he had paid for it? Where's the respect and passion for the brand?

I think that delinking passion from collecting and considering watches only or primarily as an investment is a dangerous game because sooner or later someone will end up holding the hot potatoe and its all down hill after that.

Marketing is good and necessary in todays world but lets not forget that someone who approaches a watch for an investment will not be loyal to a brand if he doesn't make the profit hopped for whereas thise who buy because of passion, attraction etc.. will be better brand ambassadors.

VC still has some work to do in terms of brand awareness but I hope, really hope, that they never become a brand where the watches are traded like stock.

I agree, Alex.
09/23/2007 - 04:18

IMHO, the only true price of a watch is the price that can withstand recession. (I think we will soon see that in US and then Asia).  By then, I am sure you don't need to pay high premium to buy those "cooked watch".  I am also sure that it will be very easy for me to buy Nautilus and AP ROO(LE), if I want them.  In 1997 recession in Malaysia, A. Lange & Sohne's Pour le Merite went for USD50,000-00.  Guess what!  No taker.  Of course, some may say it was 10 years ago.  But believe me, if recession hits again, you will get nice watches at real great bargain at your choice.  Let's wait and see.

I also hope VC will do more on its marketing which is relatively lacking in Asia, except China.  People buy VS must believe that VC means good taste and not good investment.  Today, only investment in property helps me make profit not even stock, let alone watches.



Shady Joe prefers a manufacture with a philosophy than a brand with
09/22/2007 - 17:43

a marketing strategy. The ones who make you believe you are holding an investment are of the latter category.

Shady Joe depends on his fund manager to make him rich and on his watch to give him emotions and even time...not the otherway round!

Shady Joe, I agree with you.
09/23/2007 - 04:21

But, I do see some smart guys (you may call them traders or grey market dealers) out there make profit with the "right" watch at the right time and right place.



Re: Shady Joe prefers a manufacture with a philosophy than a brand with
09/23/2007 - 13:11

The fact that there is a discussion on this topic clearly shows that people are concerned about value

Come on guys Patek do make some incredible watches and they do have a number of firsts under their belt

The way i see it is that a very rich person really wanted the watch and wanted to donate to charity


I have nothing against Patek watches many of which I like but I cannot
09/25/2007 - 00:17

bear the way(so called) collectors of the brand destry the emotional value of collecting basing themselves on investment value with what seems the blessing of the brand