Opinion for my first potential VC watch

Opinion for my first potential VC watchOpinion for my first potential VC watch Opinion for my first potential VC watchOpinion for my first potential VC watch
Opinion for my first potential VC watchOpinion for my first potential VC watch

MOVEMENT: 815557

My main concerns as stated below:-

1) Price: US$6500 - Watch purchase at this price worth for investement? In future I plan to sell this watch to upgrade to higher end, minute repeater VC watch.

2) Condition: As brand new, purchase since 94, seller keep it on the safe box for 19 years.

3) Service History: Seller did not service the watch before, I am a perfectionist, I plan to send this watch to VC - AD to service the watch, I have called the VC - AD in Malaysia & they informed me that the cost is within US$800 - US$1200.

4) Ultra Thin / Slim: I am wondering how slim / thin is this watch, anybody have idea?

5) Movement: Is this a reliable movement? I would like to know the difference of gold rotor movement and normal movement.

I hope all experience Vacheron Constantin watch owner / guru will provide sincere opinion for this beautiful timepiece regarding my concerns I have stated above.

Thank you in advance for your opinion & advice.
I'm sure many VC gurus will reply to your post with concrete answers.
11/09/2013 - 06:09
I'm not sure if one is allowed to discuss prices and investment etc on THL, but given your first question, I think it is unlikely that buying this watch will serve as an investment that will enable you to buy a VC minute repeater as the prices of those are In a whole new league.
Re: I'm sure many VC gurus will reply to your post with concrete answers.
11/09/2013 - 06:49
What do I mean investment is, buying the watch at this price & in future I wish to upgrade to higher end VC watch, I am able to sell this watch at the buying price or higher price.
I think you are being misled or are probably misleading
11/09/2013 - 07:38
Yourself. Reading your first post, it seems that you are not very familiar with the world of VC. And dare I say it on a public forum but I think you are approaching VC for / with the wrong reasons. If you have not even seen the watch, and you want to buy it with the intention of selling it later, then you are probably looking at the wrong sort of product. You are better off with market financial instruments. Most people on this lounge buy VC's because they want the finest timepieces in their possession and want to enjoy it. At times people do part with them; some models sell better than others, but I doubt most buy them as 'investments'. Watch resale values is not a perfect science. Are you thinking of using this watch as a stepping stone to something else which you like more? Are you a watch person? Do you want to enjoy and wear this piece or just keep it in the safe for another many years like the seller? If the answer is the former then go aleast see the watch. Hold it feel it. Wear it. This is my opinion. I await response of other loungers.
Re: Opinion for my first potential VC watch
11/10/2013 - 00:02
This is a very nice VC watch as a first watch. However, I would not consider it an investment piece. Most watches, especially time-only tend to lose value upon resale...not always but often. If you want an investment watch, perhaps a multiple complication bought 30 years ago (PP or VC) would qualify. If you're looking for a VC minute repeater (time only, no calendar, date or chrono function), send me an email and I can direct you. Or you might try the auctions. They come up there too. JB
I agree..... this is not the way.... but its a nice watch!
11/11/2013 - 06:47
Buying a time only watch now is not a good hedge for future vintage VC price inflation.  Lets say this watch is 6500 and a repeater is say 10x the price at 65000...... even if the price of this watch doubles to 13000, then the repeater would als double, roughly.... in which case you would have to find even more money to match the difference....   If you are going to enjoy wearing the watch there is no better (especially if you talk to the people in here!!!!).  If you think it is a step to help you get a ultra complicated repeater later, there are probably better ways to do that...... and I would be happy if you can tell me the answer as I would like to find out too!!
I'm not too familiar with the movement
11/12/2013 - 16:54
I don't recall many with a rotor that has no markings of any kind?  Can a more knowledgeable Lounger tell which calibre this is?  Thanks, Dan