Opinions on 222

Dear friends,

Haven't posted here yet but have read the HL for many months. Have met a couple of you in person in HK in September as well. Anyway I'd like to canvass opinions on this 222 I'm considering buying. 

Seller is in Bucharest, says he has a physical shop, and has provided two references (but Alex and I both don't know them). Asked him for movement pic but he says he does not have the tool to open the case (believable). Has agreed to refund if I open the watch at the VC boutique and find damage to the movement, but of course no guarantee this will happen (though it's still nice to know). Seller is called Stankwatches  / NLwatches.

Otherwise, watch looks to be in almost brand new condition.

Thanks for the advice in advance!


Opinions on 222Opinions on 222Opinions on 222Opinions on 222
Never forget that you buy as much
11/11/2013 - 10:08
the seller than the watch
Do not do this unless
11/11/2013 - 23:21
you can have someone (a friend or a local HL fellow) check the watch in the metal for you
Re: Do not do this unless
11/13/2013 - 01:23
Unfortunately I don't know anyone in Bucharest :( Is there anything about the watch you are suspicious about, or is your warning for buying vintage watches off the internet generally?
I would pass
11/12/2013 - 10:47
Re: I would pass
11/13/2013 - 01:24
Hey there Hamish! Any particular reason why?
I believe this watch has been for sale for some time
11/13/2013 - 13:23
If it is the one that is or was listed on another watch forum when I tried to check it out I kept meeting resistance from the seller. I thought better of pursuing it!
Re: I believe this watch has been for sale for some time
11/14/2013 - 00:25
It is indeed the one listed on the forum starting with P, and has been listed since Feb. Seller so far has been very responsive and has complied with most of my demands. Currently waiting for a head-on shot of the dial as it seems to me on closer examination that the side profile scans show an ampersand (V&C) which is not correct.
Good luck but tread carefully
11/14/2013 - 22:10
Meertz just sold a very nice one! It is still on his site if you want to have a look.