other than Vacheron what other brands are you interested in or collect

I have to admit that VC is one of or even my favorite brand for many reasons but mainly becasue I just love their designs and their watchmaking :-)

The other brands I like/collect are

- Patek Philippe: The king nothing more to add here

- IWC: considered the "poor man's Patek", I love the Portuguese models and the new Ingenieurs

- Audemars Piguet: its amazing what they do with the Royal Oaks and the new alinghi with Carbon Fiber case is amazing

- Journe: For his technical approach to watchmaking

- Girard Perregaux: only for the 3 golden bridge tourbillon, not a fan of the rest

-JLC:great bang for the buck

And you?

06/06/2007 - 12:10

Other than Vaccheron Constantrin I can't really say I'm interested in other "mainstream" brands. I have a fascination for the independent watchmakers and artisans who are little known to the wider public. I like knowing that the name on the dial actually corresponds to a person. So here are my favorites (which doesn't mean I systematically have one of their watches ) :

- Philippe Dufour: for his fantastic finsh and opening the eyes of a wider audience to what independent horology is

- Urwerk: for their approach to alternative timedisplays and forms

- Vianney Halter who is certainly the 1st back in 1999 to have brought design to the watch world with his Antiqua

- FP Journe: for his consistency in what he does and the inovative directions he takes

- MB&F: Max Busser for having had the vision of alling with independents and bringing them into the light

- Kari Voutilainen: inventor of the 1st decimal minute repeater wrist watch

- Peter Speake-Marin: take the name off the dial of his watches and you still know that they're his. Intersting timepieces at "afforable" prices.

The brands i have are
06/06/2007 - 12:18

Vacheron Constantin

Patek Philippe

Lange und Söhne

Philippe Dufour

The only brand i would like to own a watch from and i don't have yet is F.P. Journe.

The brands I'm interested in or collect
06/06/2007 - 14:31

other than VC which is also my favorite brand I'm a great fan of

Philippe Dufour

Journe because no other brand has come up with such innovations such as the Resonance and the tourbillon remontoire

Patek Philippe: for their perpetual calendar chronographs: 5070, 3970 and the high complications

De Bethune for their thinking out of the box and creating such oroginal timepieces

Lange: for the quality of finish but their designs are a bit too "strict" IMHO

Breguet for the lovely dials

Space Ace ! Nice as always seeing your posts,
06/06/2007 - 15:06

but I have immedeately to protest!

The King is Vacheron & Constantin,

maybe PP is the Prince, born 100 years later.

I have VC's and VC's.

No PP.

But some GP's among them,

this made in 125 pieces in WG.

And then several pocket watches, mostly VC's, of course (!),

but I also have others, like old English etc etc.

But 90 % of my watches are Vacheron & Constantin, mainly from the Art Deco period,

a period I love, either if it's watches, art, posters or sculptures like this one,

by Lavroff in bronze on black marble, made in Paris 1930



I'm not Space Ace but age is not everything and no matter how much I
06/06/2007 - 18:41

love VC and even if the brand is 100 years older than PP in today's market the perception for Patek is one of having higher value.

I think there was a discussion on this sometime ago so I don't want to go into it again but in today's watch world Patek is considred king so all VC has to do now is get its throne back :-) I'm not worried about this since once you see the fantastic 2007 novelties and the creation of the bespoke workshops PP can start to temble :-)

I agree with Tourbillon (nt)
06/06/2007 - 20:43


Re: other than Vacheron what other brands are you interested in or collect
06/06/2007 - 16:43

Aside from Vacheron Constantin, there are a few Vacheron "&" Constantin watches in my wish list. 

I also like:

- FP Journe:  I like the aesthetics of his watches (aside from the technical asplects)

- AP (RO is still the original luxury SS sports watch)

- A. Lange & Sohne: Superb finish and shart design

- Patek (is still Patek)

- Cartier: Some lovely watches from a design point of view


regrading Cartier
06/06/2007 - 16:52

Hi kazumi,

I agree on the design of Cartier, their Collection Privé Cartier Paris is beautiful, I have a particular liking for the tonneau monopusher chronograph and the Tank Americaine

Re: regrading Cartier
06/07/2007 - 02:56

Hello Alex,

I am relieved to find out that I am not alone here (I was afraid of being accused of being sacrilegious!).

Although Cartier is not a manufacture, I believe they have some serious stuff especially in their Collection Privé.  I like many of their designs (a number of which have become design icons) and design elements (like the roman numerals and dial patterning which are elegantly so Cartier).  I agree that the Tortue monopusher chrono is very nice (actually I like the Torue line a lot).  Although I am not a fan of the Pasha and the steroid-enhanced Santos models, I do like the slim and simple beauty of the Piaget-powered Santos Dumont.

If I had more moola lying around I would definitely like to invest some of it on this other Richemont company, just for a change of pace...But again, that is a big "if"...

Re: other than Vacheron what other brands are you interested in or col
06/06/2007 - 18:33

Since several years I am fascinated Vacheron Constantin. Great history, achievements and outstanding quality of watches are attributes unattainable for many brands. Therefore Vacheron Constantin is so exceptional and is my favourite brand. I also admire: - Patek Philippe: for their excellent watches and because of patriotic - Pole founded this brand. - George Daniels - R.W.Smith - F.P.Journe - Christophe Claret - A.Lange&Soehne Cheers