overseas 47040/000w-9500

I will be very shortly purchasing a Overseas ' Deep Stream' model no 47040/000w-9500 from my Malaysian watch dealer and am confused by the Articles that I have read and the Product profiles on the Calibre and the alphabet appearing in the model nos.
Here goes :-
1) Is the calibre used in this watch 1226 or 1126/1. If it is 1226 why is it different than the 1126/1 !
2) Why is the alphabet appearing as ' w ' and sometimes as ' m ' in the model number. What is the difference!
Any other salient information on this model would be appreciated.
congrats on your purchase :-) cal 1126/1 is a modification of
09/22/2010 - 17:07
cal 1126 which went from 21600vph to 28800. m was for the two tone models and was changed to w to refer to only the steel/titanium models. keep us posted on your watch