I am new here and I have Patek Philippe Nautilus and soon an AU royal oak both in steel and with only date

I have fell in love with the Overseas steel chronometer. It is very beautiful and to my taste discrete

I wonder if anyone here have a good guess if it will appear with in-house movement soon? Then I will wait.

If it takes a couple of years I will buy it now


Thank you and sorry if this question is dated. Then forgive me since I am new here



Greetings Pascal and welcome to the Lounge
03/12/2015 - 19:54

I don't think anyone can really say for sure about that.  However, the Overseas was first released in 1996, so it's 20 year anniversary is next year and there has been much speculation about what they will do.  It is anyone's guess.  I will leave you to do what you wish with that information.  I have one and (current generation) and I absolutely love it.


Again, welcome.  I think your Overseas (now or later) would be a great addition to your collection of sports watches and would complete "the trinity" as well!

Hello Pascal, welcome to THL
03/13/2015 - 04:23

As previously mentioned, 2016 will be the 20th anniversary of the OS collection.  So I would not be surprised if VC does something special for next year.

I see you mentioned the Overseas steel chronometer.  The COSC chronometer designation was only available for the Generation 1 Overseas automatic (using cal 1310/1311, which is based on a G-P 3100 ebauche).  Is this the one that you are looking at in particular?

The Gen 2 and later versions of the OS Automatic use cal. 1126/1226, which is based on a JLC cal. 889 ebauche, and they are not COSC certified.  I believe that it was strictly a management decision to not have these COSC certified...as they wanted to reserve "Chronometer" for the Chronometre Royale pieces.  In terms of real-life accuracy, you will not see a difference between the Gen 1 and later versions of the OS Automatic.

Best Regards, Dan

Re: overseas
03/17/2015 - 13:21

Hej Pascal och Välkommen!

I am wondering where you purchased your chronometer; I could not find a VC anywhere in Göteborg.

Perhaps I was 'looking for love in all the wrong places'...