Overseas Deep Stream Strap

Hi All,


I purchased an Overseas automatic deep stream earlier this year and have to say that after many years of waiting i couldn't be happier with the watch.


Unfortunately there is one minor issue with the croc strap - i have found that the thickness of the strap where it meets the lugs is so thick that it hardly bends to the shap of my wrist and has caused minor discomfort. Finally i decided to swap to the rubber.......and what a transformation! The watch now fits as though it was specifically made for my wrist.


Have any other overseas owners experienced the same issue, and if so have you ventured down the bespoke strap route - any thoughts would be welcomed. I have seen a deep stream on the bracelet, but really want to keep it on a leather strap.


Thanks in advance


glad you like the watch! The strap has a metal instert to enable it to
07/06/2016 - 10:23

fix safely to the case thus the rigidity. I don't think a bespoke strap would change this