Overseas Dual Time Limited Edition Problem!

I have 3 different Vacheron watches and I love them so I bought an Overseas Dual Time Limited Edition watch from a authorized dealer in Hong Kong.  The watch is pink gold with pink gold braclet and chocolate brown dial and is 220 of 250 limited edition.

The second time I wore the watch the second hand stopped moving, so I returned it to the shop and they told me that they had to send it to the agent to see what was wrong with it.  I waited over 1 month to get it back.  I wore it once and it stopped working again.  I sent it back to get repaired, waited about 2 months and went to pick it up at the authorized dealer.  The watch stopped working as the sales person was trying to tell me that it was fixed.

Now they tell me that they are sending it back to Vacheron Constantin in Switzerland to get it repaired.  They tell me this will take over 6 months.  I told the sales person that this is not acceptable.  I asked them for the contact information of the Vacheron Constantin agent in Hong Kong so that I could talk to them directly and they would not give it to me, citing some bullshit about "oh, I am a sales person and I need to contact the repair center and you can't contact the sales department, the departments are different".  WHAT?!?!?  And then the sales person turned around and went to help some other customer.  Now that's quality customer service from a Vacheron Constantin authorized dealer!

Why am I not allowed to contact Vacheron Constantin directly?  Why would a US$40,000 watch not work properly?  Why does it take 9 months to get this thing to work?

this is terrible, Alex help!!!!!nt
07/25/2008 - 17:44


You deserve a "loaner" watch....
07/25/2008 - 18:09

Until yours is repaired and returned, VC should give out loaner watches.  Perhaps specially made steel versions of the Patrimony that will become future collectables

Lange started like that with steel 1815s as
07/26/2008 - 00:47

loaners while the client's watch was being serviced, they rapidly stopped as many were not coming back to pick up their watch once ready as the steel 1815 which was never available as a production model was more "collectible" than the watch being left behind!!!

I think you should contact....
07/26/2008 - 00:44

Richemont South East Asia directly and expose your issue:

Richemont Asia Pacific Limited 1 Connaught Place Room 1307, Jardine House Hong Kong Tel : 00852-214 38 111 Fax : 00852-251 10 303

Please keep us posted on how things work out.

Re: I think you should contact....
07/26/2008 - 00:52

Thank you very much for the information!  I will contact them on Monday and see what happens.

Hope all goes well!
07/26/2008 - 06:06

I know it's heartbreaking...I would be too if I were you  VC should rectify this asap. VC Singapore is superb at sevice.

Re: Overseas Dual Time Limited Edition Problem!
07/26/2008 - 06:57

Good luck in resolving. I fully understand your issues and can appreciate the lost time with such an expensive watch. I would recommend your asking for your VC two year warranty to be extended for the period of time it is in the shop for repair. Regards, Matt

As Matt said, make sure to get the 2 years warranty extended...(nt)
07/28/2008 - 16:25


I feel your pain
07/28/2008 - 16:39

...as you said, when you pay that much for a watch, you want it to be working from day 1. Having to return it 3 times and waiting 9 months before it (hopefully) works is completely ridiculous. It is frustrating that you have to wait so long - cars are a lot more complicated than watches, and if a BMW (which you could have bought instead of the watch) breaks down, it will not take that long to repair...

From the feedback from other Loungers, it seems that usually VC does a good job, but it looks like you are one of the cases that goes really wrong. And I think you have shown a lot of patience - at least a lot more than me: a few months ago I decided to return a VC I had bought 48 hours earlier because it wasn't working properly (although I was so in love with the model, in the end I decided to buy it again a month later)

I truly hope that VC makes it up to you one way or another.

And please post pics of this watch (as well as your toher VCs), it truly is a beauty!!!