Overseas Dual Time Problem with Second Time

Hi all,
My VC Overseas Dual Time (47450) has a problem again within a year and it is only 3 years old... Last year, just at the end of the guarrantee the watch stopped. I took it to the reseller who took it to the official distributor and had it fixed at no cost under guarrantee. There was a problem with the mechanism that transmits the energy. It was just a matter of adjustment as they said. Now, one year after that I noticed (maybe the problem was there and I hadn't noticed...) that the second time (the small clock inside) runs slow. I adjust it and sometimes for 3-4 hours it seems ok but suddenly it runs slow.. The main time and date work absolutely fine. Any ideas? I wonder if I am so unlucky that I have this kind of problems with this high-end watch or if I do something wrong... I never wear it in sports, never put it in the water, no shocks, just normal everyday gestures. The only 2 things i suspect are:
1) Every night I take it off for 8 hours and put it again on in the morning
 2)  2-3 times per year I put it in the safe where it stops for some days and then readjust it. I tried an ELUX winder but it still stops after some days.

Now I think that I will leave it with the problem for 2-3 years until I take it for offical service, because I believe that the more it is opened and searched the more problems I may have... :-) 

Your advice is highly aprreciated.

Kind Regards.

Filippos  (Greece)
Phil you mean the watch keeps time but the second tme zone is slow?
09/24/2012 - 11:21
Re: Phil you mean the watch keeps time but the second tme zone is slow?
09/24/2012 - 21:47
Exactly... It looses about 2 hours every day which is a problem for sure... :-)
I guess you need to take it for servicing :-(
09/25/2012 - 11:06