Overseas Dual Time Questions

Hello Fellow Loungers!

I have just bought an Overseas Dual Time with a black patterned dial. It is also my first VC.  The watch suits my needs perfectly, although I might have preferred a window for the date (like the chronograph model), rather than a rotating hand pointing to a number - it can sometimes be difficult to read when one of the hands obscures the small digits.  The power reserve feature is great, but aesthetically, there is a lot of empty space in that section.  Apart from these thoughts, the watch is a joy to wear.  I particularly like the smooth winding movement as I swing the watch past my ear.  That sound alone is very satisfying.  As others have mentioned, the dial is particularly delightful to view and admire. 

I have a few questions if anyone could be so kind as to assist me:

There is "PBLF" engraved on two parts of the bracelet.  There is also "3004" on the deployment, and "B01A".  What do these indicate? 

How many of each type of Overseas watch are produced each year?

Look forward to your answers and comments!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


WOW those are tough questions!! :-) I would guess that they are
12/22/2007 - 14:43

diferent reference numbers for bracelet/clasp models, I will need to check with VC but they are closed until Jan 7 so you will need to wait a bit for the answer...

As to specific production numbers, VC does not disclose any however considering that VC's annual production is around 15000 watches a year and that the brand has stated that they do not wish the prouction of the Overseas (ladies, men and the different models) to exceed 10% of annual production we can get to the conclusion that the OS model range should be at a maximum of 1500 watches per year!!

Congrats on your watch, I'm glad you're enjoying it and please do post scans whenever you have time.

And most important welcome to The Lounge James

Re: Overseas Dual Time Questions
12/22/2007 - 16:29

Congrats on the new acquisition James!  Enjoy the watch, wear it, and don't think about the other stuff

I do agree with Alex though, and believe those markings on the bracelet and clasp are indeed production numbers.

Merry Xmas!