Overseas hesitations...

Dear all, I'm looking for a sporty high-end watch. I like the design of the Overseas. However, I am concerned with the movement for several reasons : 1) I feel the Piguet 1185 is not that reliable. For example, it is said not to handle well vibrations, which is not very good for a "sport" watch ! (even if nobody will do "extreme" sports with such a watch. But I would like to ride my bicycle without problem !). 2) VC says everywhere that they want to make soon all the movements in-house. So, does this mean that this movement will soon be replaced by a "better" VC one ? 3) Is it really better that the movement one would find, for exemple, in a Rolex Daytona ? Aren't we just paying the VC name ? On the other hand, the Dual TIme is nice also. What do you think of its JLC movement ? More tough than the chronograph ? Refined ? Reliable ? And again : to be replaced by a "better" VC movement ? MANY THANKS for your help !
welcome David, don't know wher to begin but
04/30/2011 - 20:14
will try to answer your questions. The first question is what do you want to do with your watch? If its just biking the 1185 is fine, it is tried and tested so that should not be an issue. If you want to do extreme sports which would put a lot of stress on the watch then no, even though I believe someone on the Lounge admited in playing golf (which puts a lot of stress on a watch) with his Overseas and the watch performing fine. Your question on "better movement" is tough because how do you define better? better finish? better accuracy? longer service times etc...  Let's put it this way, VC recieves the movement as a kit, it replaces certain components with others which it finds supperior, and applies a high quality finish. You obviously pay for the VC name but a lot goes into that name: I mentioned the movement but also the case, dial and bracelet and a lot of time and effort go into these and are all of very high quality. All I can say is that I owned a VC Overseas Chrono (the limited US version) for a few years, it got a lot of wrist time and I never had any issues with it. Hope this helps and keep us posted
Re: welcome David, don't know wher to begin but
04/30/2011 - 23:28
Thanks for your message. This is interesting. And what about the Dual Time ? Do you think the JLC-VC movement is interesting ? How would you compare it to the chrono as far as the horological interest in concerned ? And do you think the movement will be replaced by a fully in-house one ? Best regards.
comparing apples and oranges. Yu can't compare a dual time with a
05/01/2011 - 10:50
chrono movement as they don't have the same functions but if both VC and AP use it then it shouldn't be that bad As for the inhouse movement, yes it will eventually show up but when is the question?
I have worn my f. piguet fitted watches for cycling ....
05/01/2011 - 07:56
For years and they are still well behaved till today. Vacheron's choice of movement, I believed , is not without basis. Until they launch their own, this is one of the best automatic chronograph movement in performance, reliability and slimness to portray as a Gentleman's sporty watch. Other respected names had and have used this movement. Further, VC's well known impeccable finish will definitely enhance the movement's aesthetics, reliability and performance. However, I am not obsessed by in-house movement for in-house sake, this choice of movement suits me of size, slimness and reliability. This movement also doesn't present me with the "backlash" problem, which is the slight backward tilt of the chronograph hand when u start the chronograph. The start/ stop and reset are precise with their activation for the 2 watches I owned with this movements. If u wish to dwell further into the mechanics of the movement, google "f. Piguet 1185 +walt Odets ", it'll return a wonderful review of the movement.
Re: Overseas hesitations...
05/03/2011 - 05:10
I have owned both the Dual Time and Chrono versions of this watch, and have worn them in a variety of situations with absolutely no problem. I happen to be a big fan of the JLC-derived Dual Time movement, and also have a variant of it in the JLC Geographique, one of my favorite watches and one that I have owned since the mid-1990s.  That watch keeps phenomenal time and has been bomb-proof for 15 years! Best, Gary