Overseas (Model: 47040)

Dear Alex hello,
My name is Nikolas and I would like to make you some questions.

1) I am interest to buy a simple overseas (Model 47040) and I am wondering, if you know, why the VC Company didn't write on it that it has anti-magnetic protection as all the other overseas write on them ?

2) Every how many years it needs to make a service normaly. Do you now the official cost of it if I make it at the V.C. ?

3) Is any case that I have to be carful with it due to I would like to wear it every day ?

4) Which is the official or normal price of this watch now in Switzerland.

Thank you very much for your time.

My best regards,Nikolas Argyropoulos

partial answers
10/17/2007 - 19:14

I don't have answers to questions 1 and 4 but here's some help:

-service: brands usually say that wa watch should be serviced every 4-5 years. This will depend on the frequency with which you wear your watch. If its worn occasionnaly you can service it much later. I usually only have my watch serviced when I see that it is either gaining or loosing time or feel that something is not quite right! On the other hand if you wear your watch dayly then 5 years would seem appropriate. Price of overhaul will depend on what needs to be done and as was discussed in a thread below know one knows how much it would cost in 5-7 years when you actually send it to be serviced. I did read somewhere that general overhaul costs in the $500 range (but don't quote me)

- everyday wear: the OS is a rugged and reliable watch and you can wear it everyday. I would suggest to take it off if you are doing sports which could bang it up or playing golf. Other than that it is meant for being worn :-)

Just my 0.2c

I think that the reason "antimagnetic" was not put on the dial
10/17/2007 - 20:27

has more to do with general aesthetics. Whereas the Chrono and the Dual time have different functions adding "antimagnetic" would not clutter the dial but in the time only model ref 47040 it may have been too much to have both "automatic" and "antimagnetic"

I'm checking for the Swiss list price and will give it to you shortly

Re: I think that the reason "antimagnetic" was not put on the dial
10/18/2007 - 18:58

Dear Alex,

Do you think that VC company add on the plate of the VC Overseas deal-time & Overseas chronograph, "Automatic & ANTIMAGNETIC" only for aesthetics reasons ?  Sorry, but it is difficult for me to delieve it. Maybe it will be add on it with the first face-lifting !

Thank you again for your time,


Just curious, why do you think that "antimagnetic"
10/18/2007 - 19:44

was not put on the dial other than for aesthetic reasons? 

For example when asked why they often write "automatic" on the lower part of the dial most brands reply that it is to balance with the brand name on the top part. So I think that the writing on the Overseas has a lot to do with balance and aesthetics.

Other than that I can't explain it since the time only model has the soft iron inner case for antimagnetic protection.

I'm no photoshop expert but this is what the dial would have looked like if it had both "antimagnetic" and "automatic" on it...not very balanced in my opinion.

I'm gererally against having unnecessary writings on the dial, may it be automatic, antimagnetic, chronograph, PT 950 etc... but to each his own as they say . I don't know if and when there will be a face lift on the Overseas models

just got a reply from VC on this matter and the reason "antimagnetic"
10/19/2007 - 12:54

was left off the dial was purely easthetical.

Re: just got a reply from VC on this matter and the reason "antimagnetic"
10/19/2007 - 18:05

Alex hello again,

I would like to ask you also if this model Overseas is made totally in VC house or VC buy some parts of its mechanism from other company. 

cal 1126 used in this model is based on JLC 889/2 (nt)
10/19/2007 - 18:40


Re: cal 1126 used in this model is based on JLC 889/2 (nt)
10/22/2007 - 19:34

Dear Alex,

I am not very familiar to understand your answer. Please, can you explain to me your again answer !

If I will buy the Overseas the mechanism of it, it is not from V.C. house, due to I will pay so much money for my pocket I would like to know if I pay only the name or the quality of V.C. on it !



Re: Overseas (Model: 47040)
10/18/2007 - 07:44

Hello Nikolas,

I also agree with Alex about the letterings on the dial.  I think "antimagnetic" was left out for aesthetic reasons, and rightfully so.  I mean, we really do not need to be reminded that the watch we are wearing is antimagnetic (or automatic, for that matter).  Unfortunately, these days "understatement" may not be the trend for most brands, and items are printed on the dial more for "selling" purposes.

I believe they recommend an overhaul every 3 to 5 years but I really do not know how strictly this should be followed.  At any rate, I do not think you should worry about the watch for everyday use.  Its supposed to be a sporty watch so I am sure it is more than a match for normal everyday wear.  I leave the servicing and selling price issues to Alex though.

Let us know when you decide to pull the trigger.

Best Regards,


Price is
10/18/2007 - 12:58

euro 7400 excl VAT

Re: Price is
10/18/2007 - 21:28

Alex, can you tell me what the US price is for the Overseas DT please?

I've had all kinds of offers for "Grey market" versions. My understanding is that they are not sold by ADs but are original. I'm not particularly tempted as it doesn't feel quite right but is there any real difference? Surely the VC warranty is worldwide and not affected?


price and grey dealers
10/19/2007 - 12:53

Hi Jonathan,

The list price of the OS dual time is $13,700. If you buy from a non authorised source (ie not AD) chances are that the papers comming with the watch will be open (meaning no dealer stamp on it) in this case the warranty will be void.

For a waranty to be valid it needs to be stamped and dated by the AD.

I've bought from grey dealers in the past but believe me if you negotiate right you can get the same price from your AD