Overseas or 222 ?

Hello All:

Can anyone discuss the merits of either the original Overseas or 222 as suitable for a VC portfolio (please lets ignore the Phidias and 333)?  While the OS was my very first VC, I've always felt it was a 2nd best choice for the ultimate sporting watch.  Its just I've never come across a 222 in good shape or with reliable provinance.

Or am I just suffering from a case of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence?

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Re: Overseas or 222 ?
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What do you consider the best choice for the ultiate sporting watch?

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Not having a bespoke movement, I guess the OS is 2nd best to those that do...Nautilus, Royal Oak.  As the watch that defined the genre, the RO would be my "ultimate" in the category.  To bad that design is now so over-exposed...I'm waiting for them to come out with a line of running shoes to match ;-)

Mind you, I had a GP Laureato which fit the criteria but after the work VC invested in the cal. 3100 movement, it was the Laureato that came off 2nd best.

Re: Overseas or 222 ?
12/04/2007 - 06:03

Hi Tick-Talk,

I have to say that although I do not own a 222 is has always been one of my favorite vintage sport watches.  IMHO it is one of the most understated and largely overlooked sport watches of its day.  It has not enjoyed the fame of its contemporaries such as the Royal Oak, Nautilus, or Igenuir Jumbo SL.  Still I love its design and would snap one up in a heartbeat if I ever came across one in great shape with box and papers.  I agree with you that the good ones seem few and far between. 

While the 222 lack the water resistance of the Overseas, I far prefer its bracelet and bezel, to me its a more harmonious design.  It also has IMHO a more unique movement than the GP based original time only Overseas.  I like the original Overseas, but I think you could add a 222 to your colection and it would certainly not be redundant.

Best regards and I hope you and I each find a great 222 in the future.


well not being a fan of the
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original Overseas my choice would go automatically towards the 222. But that's not the only reason. I like the zanzy 70's design of the 222 and its something which has been growing on me and I considerr it to be a truly original watch.

On the otherhand as TonyR stated above it depends what you consider a sports watch. In my book the 222 is not really a sports watch but a rather casual wear, I find it a bit too thin to fill the "sports watch" category so if I wanted a sports watch I would go for the new Overseas...OK OK I know I'm complicating matters .

To make a long story short if I had the choice between old style Overseas and 222 I would go for the latter.