Overseas with VC in-house caliber

I know Overseas comes with an excellent Piguet caliber but was wondering why VC doesn't ever put one of their own calibers in it e.g. 2455 or 2460QH in more straightforward models. Am assuming there are a number of possible reasons:

lack of capacity
desire to produce a lower price-point watch
commitment to the Piguet caliber

Even so, I reckon it'd make a nice limited edition - would it be possible to simply slot a VC manufacture caliber in or is it more complicated than that? If it were possible, which VC caliber would you like to see in an Overseas limited edition?
Just guessing
03/06/2011 - 20:43
VC is working on the in house chronograph, HandWind or automatic I don't know. But for the moment it is not here, and if the Overseas line had to be with in-house calibers it would be weird to have the beautiful Vacheron simple date and a Piguet for the chronograph, and the old Lemania hand-wind chronograph would have few sense on the Overseas. Piguet is for the moment the best solution, waiting for a better one in the future. VC chronograph is their technical priority now, I suppose. If Alex has some tease about it would be good :)
your first two guesses were correct, there is not enough
03/06/2011 - 23:53
production capacity for calibers 2450/2460 to put in the OS and if VC did use these movements the price point of the OS would go too high. VC is working on a simple and chrono movements for the OS but the question is when....
Re: Overseas with VC in-house caliber
03/07/2011 - 14:00
Very interesting question indeed. Mr Torres mentionned in an interview a new Oversea model will be presented in June 2011??????? Wait to discover it: minor changes or new model???? Alex will inform us on this forum...;-)))) Cheers, Liger
The over-all knowledge availible on this forum...
03/07/2011 - 18:43
Never ceases to amaze me! Thanx for sharing, Miki
Chrono module for the 1120?
03/08/2011 - 00:44
Now wouldn't that be nice
for once Dean I beg to differ. Anything less than an integrated
03/08/2011 - 03:31
chrono would be a disaster it would be taking the easy route and take us back to the darkest years of horology!
Maybe I'm overthinking this...
03/08/2011 - 17:06
VC's quest to establish inhouse movement manufacture across the board gave us the home-run 1003/3, but then came a puzzle to me...the 1120.  I'd wished for the chronograph project to bear fruit next, and to be very honest, find the finish of the 1120 a bit uhmmm "industrial" so the question was, why the extra-flat auto before the chrono?  One answer was, maybe there is a chrono module that would benefit from an 1120 engine.  From a purists POV, an integrated chrono is more desired for sure  but depending on design, price points, manufacturing capacity and future development (like a full calendar module), I wouldn't throw a modular out of bed .
Sorry but I would...
03/10/2011 - 11:48
It is imho one of the biggest mistake of AP and also Girard Perregaux, even if their watches are of the best quality. You can not accept a modular chronograph, not in that range of watches, not with their images, not for a chronograph (or a minute repeater). I prefer a Piguet. And at the same time a module for a worldtime, or a perpetual calendar seems to me completely logical. Francois (go and take his pills)
I beg to differ again Dean, the finish of the new 1120 is higher than
03/10/2011 - 23:25

most of the older models I have seen, especially that it now has the Geneva Seal which was the exception for the older versions

I'm back and as obnoxious as ever!
03/15/2011 - 17:15
Just a reminder of VC's earlier modular chronograph, the 47001 with JLC base: Regarding the finish of the new 1120, I can't help referencing Walt Odet's TZ review of the original version.  His photos revealed to my eyes superior anglage and overall higher polish.  The cut-out Maltese Cross harkens to the artistry of the skeletonized version and I would have hoped that it's treatment with the new movement was less clumsy, especially the rather thick adoucissage.  These are the VC-supplied pics of the new movement, but I'll leave it to individuals to make the comparison with Odet's article. I take your point that the GS standards are present with the new 1120, however as I understand it, these standards specify the types of finish and decoration but do not mandate the quality of the work?