Overseas vs AP Royal Oak Chrono

I am a watch collector/enthusiast, Mostly Pateks, Roles and Audemars. I am ignorant of the current Vacheron world and thinking about getting an Overseas Chrono. What are the pros versus AP Royal Oak chrono ? Movements made in-house, out-house etc.
Serious responses please.
Thank you.
The Royal Oak is probaby the coolest high end watch model BUT
08/23/2009 - 02:46

I'm so sick and tired of seeing yet another limited edition RO may it be to celebrate a cricket team, a bar or a highway that I wouldn't want one! Nothing against the designs which I find fantastic, and a true icon for AP but the marketing has had an adverse effect on me. Movement wise the OS and RO share the same movenet, whereas I believe the Off Shore to be of a modular construction.

I thhink that the only major difference between t he tw would be taste an perception. Both are great watches but none is supperior to the other and you should get the one which puts a greater smile on your face!

However these two threads may help you:

- comparaison between RO and OS: click here to see the post  - history of VC sports watches: click here to see the post

Agree! However ROO now uses a modular chrono but based on
08/23/2009 - 06:48
their in-house cal. 3120 which gives them another reason to jack up prices!