The owner of the "Lacemaker" sent some photos and comments

At its May 13, 2012 Geneva auction Antiquiorum featured as lot 97 a beautiful pocet watch from 1951 with a painting on the back by famed Geneva enamel artist Charles Poluzzi (1899-1978) who had worked not only for Vacheron Constantin but also Omega, Rolex and Patek Philippe.

The case back features a miniature enamel painting of a lacemaker inspired by "La Nourrice" (loosely translates as the nanny), by Frans Hals which is exhibited in the Berlin- Dahlem museum. 

This stunning piece with a conservative estimate of CHF10 000- 20 000 sold for a stunning CHF 206.000 which to the best of my knowledge is the highest price paid for a Poluzzi!

Luckyliy the piece went to a Lounger who even though requested anonimity kindly accepted to share some photos and impressions

-          Why you decided to buy this watch?

Love at first sight and as you know I have developed a tremendous weakness for watches with miniature enamel. They have evolved into a dominant theme in my small but art-focused collection. Poluzzi is a recognized master in the Genevan school of enamelling and I just know I'll regret it if I let this one go! The Lacemaker's incredible depth of tranlucent colors and ethereal finesse of the details leave a nauanced yet lasting impression long after I put it away.
-          Will actually use it?
I doubt I will ever carry it around to tell time. It will be cherished more as a work of art, much like a great painting on the wall.

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