Patek is for investing, VC for old, Audemars is for young?

I think that Patek Philippe is for investing in Wristwatches, to put in the safe and keep as an investment if people are into that.  Vacheron Constantin, except for a few models here and there is generally a watch for older, old money type people to wear and enjoy, and Audemars Piguet is more for the young Hip Hop, Entertainer, Rap Music Crowd, more large and flashy Bling Bling watches for the young crowd.  Of course A. Lange and Sohn is more for the technical and mechanical crowd.

Not to generalize here and I do think Patek Philippe is just for investments and not watches to wear.  I like Vacheron out of the rest of them since I am in my 40's and getting older and like the fact that Vacheron Constantin has been around since 1755.  I think Larry King of CNN wears a Vacheron Constantin.  I do wish they will put the geneva seal on all their products and of course the COSC on most of their products. 

Enough is enough...
02/09/2008 - 23:48

You've now succeeded in stuffing two ridiculous assertions into one sentence.

"Not to generalize here and I do think Patek Philippe is just for investments and not watches to wear."

 That's like saying: Not to question established mathmatical theory, but 2+2=5.

You've done nothing but generalize in your recent posts on this forum. And generalizing in the absurd manner which you have in the above sentence undercuts any possible pretense of seriousness on your part.

Sorry to be so harsh, but I'm afraid that it is warranted in this case.


Tony C.

Re: Enough is enough...
02/10/2008 - 00:54

Of course we are talking about Complicated and desired models.  It is not a generalization to say that Patek Philippe is an investment watch, it shouldn't even be sold at Luxury Stores unless it is a simple model or one with alot of gemstones.  You can't even get a complicated Patek Philippe Watch without paying close to double the retail price.

Past posts have stated that Audemars Piguet attracts a younger crowd, thats not generalizing but more of a consensus, sure you always have exceptions to the rule but generalizing like politics is, where the votes are.  I think this post is about peoples ideas, opinions and generalizations in some respects.  You certainly have a right to your opinion as does everyone else.

ou can't even get a complicated Patek Philippe Watch without paying cl
02/11/2008 - 20:56

Thats not true, I walked in to a Patek dealer this time last year and saw 3 Nautilus, and a 5970 for retail.

So it can happen.

You can't argue about tastes and colors.
02/10/2008 - 01:51

I think my post title says it all: no-one can win, be right or be wrong with any of these arguments.

Let's face it. People buy watches for different reasons, as with everything else. What someone sees in something, other people will not.

If products become popular with some people and then start a "trend" then that is what it is: a trend. Companies will use this to their advantage to sell more models of a certain type. A brand might then become associated with that "trend".

It is true that different companies target different groups, but it is also true that different people feel attracted to different things too, even people who could be considered very similar could have very different tastes.

I tried before with a twist of sarcasm to say that if you just took every marketing material from each company you can draw up lists of the type of person the company thinks should be buying that watch. In the end, the company does not necessarily care who buys it as long as someone does and they will capitalize on trends or perceived trends.

What I think Tony and Nico is trying to say are,
02/10/2008 - 12:28

that these kind of statements/posts dosen't lead anywhere!

I'm with them, in their opinion.

We can go on like this for ever,

and what answer do you want to have??

Personally I, like VC's and especially vintage,

but that's what I like.

I got lot's of them, and their my favourites.

I think we have to realise that there are different values, tastes

and respect them !

This site is primary for Vacheron Constantin,

not for other brands.

Of course they are not banned,

but excuse me,

if I find comparisons a bit boring.

BTW today I wear this

A Girard-Perregax monopusher, with a special movement made by Journe,

in only 375 ex.

275 in RG and 125 in WG.

I love it


Re: What I think Tony and Nico is trying to say are,
02/10/2008 - 15:52

That is the 'Ferrari 375" limited edition, isn't it?  Very beautiful looking piece indeed...

02/10/2008 - 17:53

one of 125.

Made as an honest to the car, that Mr Rosselini ordered to his wife,

2 times Oscar reward winner, Ingrid Bergman.

The car was a "one off", built 1954.

The colour "Ingrid Grey",

you still can order this colour on a new Ferrari

The car.

First car with "hidden lights" and had that times F1 engine,

with a topspeed of 250 km/h !

But I like Ingrid Bergman, even better


nice car....
02/10/2008 - 19:58

I am not usually taken by cars, but this one looks fantastic...

Doc, maybe one day there will be a "Doc Green" or "Doc Grey" color named after you for VC watches!!

"out of all the gin joints in the world you had to walk into mine..." (or something like that).

LOL !! (nt)
02/10/2008 - 20:14


Unbelievable car....
02/11/2008 - 17:47

Ingrid Bergman ain't so bad either

Re: What I think Tony and Nico is trying to say are,
02/10/2008 - 21:25

Hi Doc-Great watch, great shirt but how about the buttons?

Your assesment that "to each his own" could not be more profound.

Some of us fools fought wars to give us the right of individual opinions.

All goes to the roots for liking or loving any watch: Does it speak to you?

Nuff said, let's discuss more great timepeices. Best, Miki

Miki, you are taking the words of my mouth !
02/11/2008 - 00:01

As you, I think the last time,

we have derailed in the discussions at our dear Lounge.

I think you formulate it perfect in the sentence:

"let's discuss more great timepeices"

thanks Miki


what exactly is it that you're trying to get at? If you don't like PP
02/10/2008 - 19:05

then just don't get one and lets move on....