Path to Vacheron Constantin Overseas 42040 c. 1311

I just ordered my Vacheron Constantin Overseas yesterday, and I don't have it yet. However, I do have a short pictorial history of the path that led me to the OS. (I learned that posting watch pictures on this blog aids communication.

Step 1: A Gift

My first foray out of the lumpen prolietariat of watches occurred when I was gifted a Rado Quartz. By far it was the best watch I'd ever had and thought myself quite the man-about-town. I was most impressed by the sapphire glass and titanium case with gold.

Rado Florence

Rado Florence

Step 2: An Automatic

As can be seen, the Rado is quite a small watch, and I wanted something without a battery. After some brief research I found a Raymond Weil automatic. For me it seemed a tad expensive, and they carried them in my local fancy jewelry store that sells Pateks. I later found one listing included the "pseudo luxury" category along with Baume & Mercier.

Path to Vacheron Constantin Overseas 402040 c. 1311

Raymond Weil Automatic

Step 3: Haute Horiogerie

I had always known that Raymond Weil wasn't in the upper tiers of luxury watches, and I really didn't care. However, for it to be labeled a "pseudo-luxury" marked it with too much pretense for my taste. I had always admired Patek Philippe watches, and every review of top luxury watches usually placed them right at the top. I liked the way they looked, and so that was my next step.

Path to Vacheron Constantin Overseas 42040 c. 1311

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Step 4: My Patek leads me to Vacheron Constantin Overseas

As I noted in my Beginner's post, I needed something tougher than my Calatrava (Note to self: Get the Patek a fainting couch), and I did not like the Nautilus. Don't get me wrong; I love my Calatrava, but it is a bit delicate. So, besides waiting for the gold spring bars for my Calatrava, even when they're snuggly set, I'll have to husband the use of this horological wonder. So now....I wait.

Path to Vacheron Constantin Overseas 42040 c. 1311

Vacheron Constantin Overseas

Once it arrives, I'll have lots more pictures.

Congrats on the Gen. 1 OS Chronometer
02/04/2016 - 04:49

I've had one for years, with the same Cal. 1311 movement and it has been very reliable for me!  I love the 37mm diameter, which fits my scrawny wrist better.  BR, Dan

Re: Congrats on the Gen. 1 OS Chronometer
02/04/2016 - 10:53

Thank you Dan Shao! It is such a relief to know that the OS's reliable. So far my Patek Philippe has kept virtually perfect time; but after reading all of the warnings about keeping it from anything but genteel situations, I am looking forward to a more robust watch that I can wear and enjoy everyday.

you do know that you're in trouble don't you?
02/04/2016 - 09:33

Ask anyone here and they'll tell you that once you get your 1st VC you'll start longing for the 2nd then 3rd and so on!

Re: you do know that you're in trouble don't you?
02/04/2016 - 11:01

Alex, do I ever!! When I had my airplane, we were always buying new avionics or other gizmos for it. There was no end to it. Fortunately, I had a partner, and we happily spent our way into poverty, albiet  at a slower pace. Ditto with the Silver Spur. Now this! I'm already mulling over a VC for my wife, even though she's perfectly happy with her current watch...

Alex speaks the truth....
02/04/2016 - 11:39

The Overseas, in all its generations, is the gateway drug for many of us. I mean, you need a sleek VC too. Oh, and a calendar complication to go with the Chrono. Oh, and something with one of the arts.  Oh, and at least one boutique piece. Oh, and a historiques for sure... And... And... And...  Welcome. 

I'm that fool
02/04/2016 - 14:02


There's an old saying that a fool and his money is soon parted. I'm that fool....and I can hardly wait!!!




makes two of us :-)
02/04/2016 - 14:08