Patrimony 31 day retrograde

I have been looking and looking to find some information on the patrimony 31 day retrograde model 47245...Can anyone please help:

  1. How many were made?
  2. How many with the black dial were made?
  3. What is the power reserve on this as there is no mention in the instruction manual
  4. Why when setting the calendar does it say NEVER to set the calendar between 10pm (22hrs) and 1am (01 hr)?

I'd appreciate any help thank you.

some info...
02/14/2016 - 14:39

Hey there. Love this piece, and love its successor even more.

1 and 2, I don't know and I don't believe VC makes this data known.

3. Google says 38 hours.

4. Many watches have the date change mechanism engaged for a while before and after midnight. As a best practice, I always wind down to 6 (or 5 if there is a date window at 6) when adjusting date.  Setting date while the change mechanism is engaged can cause damage in some pieces. 

Re: some info...
02/15/2016 - 00:41

Hi jtodd,

Thank you for the information, very helpful. Many thanks :)

Hello James, welcome to THL!
02/14/2016 - 21:09

I have the Rose Gold version of this watch and love it.

It was created as non-limited edition anniversary watch for the year 2000, which was also VC's 245th birthday (hence the "245" in the Ref. number, 47245.

Vince Kaufmann, Head of VC's Design Team, told me that this was his first design creation at VC. 

1. & 2.  VC, as a policy, will not provide this information.  But I'm sure it is not very high, even though it is not a limited-production piece.  The watch was made primarily in Rose Gold and White Gold.  There is also a Platinum version, and I've been told there is even a rarr yellow gold pieces that I have seen before.  The black dial version only came it a whtie metal.  (I believe the black dial piece was platinum? Or was it WG?)

3. The rated power reserve of Cal, 1126/R31 is 40 hours.

4. The gears and mechanism for the retrograde date do not like to turn backwards after they have been engaged/initiated.  This is why VC says to not set the calendar during the hours of 10pm to 1am.  The mechanism is engaged during that time and is not released until afte 1am.

BR, Dan

Re: Hello James, welcome to THL!
02/15/2016 - 01:10

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the welcome :)

That is interesting, I did not know this. So just to clarify, the 47245 model was released in year 2000 and not before? I'm sure I have seen one or two models being sold that were pre 2000 but presumably they were released 1999/2000 and sold for a number of years thereafter? This makes sense as my certificate is stamped 2000. I think this is one of VC's best classic designs and Vince Kaufmann did a fantastic job, thanks for enlightening me with that info.

You are correct the black dial was only made in platinum.

All the best and thanks again.



it was probably 2000, and yes this model was sold for several years afterward.
02/15/2016 - 03:12

I really like the lugs, which were similar to the Malte of that time.  (Patrimony, Malte and Traditionelle were not the product lines they are today).

In 2002, VC introduced a cool open dial version of our watch, Ref. 47247 (247 adding 2 years to the 245).  And this watch was the start of the concept for the QDI line's transparent dial.  The Ref. 47247 is a limited edition piece. 


BR, Dan 

Or the amazing 47302 Perpetual version
02/15/2016 - 13:04

I love this one too. So very cool looking. There is one for sale right now at well-known retailer up in Philly that I believe you know. Such a cool watch. 

Hi Dan, Black dial is platinum.
02/15/2016 - 21:53
Thnaks Joe
02/16/2016 - 01:16

i was replying while on the run and didn't have time to confirm whether it was Pt or WG when I posted smiley