Patrimony 43032/OOOP-7072

I have inherited a VC Patrimony automatic perpetual skeleton watch.  It has a platinum case.  I have the box and all the papers.  The watch is in 93% - 95% new condition.  It has no visible flaws at all. My father purcahsed the watch brand new and only wore it a couple of times before he became ill.   Here are the specs:

Case # 636320
Movement # 799366
Dial # 7072 

I have some questions:

1.  When was this watch made?
2.  How many were made? 
3.  Who made the movement? (VC or AP, or other)
4.  What was the retail price of this watch whenit was last made?
5.  What's the best way to sell this watch on my own without having to pay any commissions?
6.  If I decide to sell it on my own, would it be cost beneficial to first have it serviced at VC so that I get a 1-year warranty for the watch and a validation of authenticity?
7.  Any idea what the watch might be worth?

Thanks to all who respond!!

The perpetual skeleton is one hell of a beautiful watch, it was
08/11/2009 - 12:55
1- launched in 1984-85 and was in the VC catalogue until 2005-2006 2- I do not have production numbers 3- base cal is 1120 (JLC ebauche) with VC perpetual calendar module 4- I do not have original retail price from the 80s but the last catalogue price was around CHF 107.000 5- You can put the watch for sale on Time Zone or The Purists 6- You have all documentation so no need for a certificate of authenticity. I would suggest not servicing the watch ans the cost would be higher than what you could probably ask for 7- I suggest you look at Antiquorum, Christie's or Sotheby's sales (available via their web sites) as to get a general idea on what this watch goes for
Re: The perpetual skeleton is one hell of a beautiful watch, it was
08/11/2009 - 20:25
Thank you very much for the information!