Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...

I was at a watch fair today and was able to meet the Patrimony Bi-retrograde today.  It is a big watch for sure (at 42.5mm) but surprisingly, and as Alex has pointed out, it definitely does not wear like a large watch.  Although I would be much happier if it was 40mm or less (just because my wrist is on the small side) I think it is well balananced/proportioned design which, despite its size on paper, is not unwearable at all, especially for those with more substantial wrist sizes.Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...

Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...

The watch really has its unique charm and I must say that I really liked it.  You really have to see it in the metal to fully appreciate it.  If only my wrist and, more importantly, my wallet were bigger.  Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...

Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...

Here's a wrist shot of the Patrimony large size for comparison.  Acutally, I have to apologize because, in my desire to capture the bi-retrograde's details, I had taken the first shot at a much closer distance than the second, therefore ruining the perspectives.  Anyway, here they are side-by-side.

Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression... 

I also got to see the Patrimony Contemporaine Automatic.  They had the old version with the silvery dial as well as the new version with the same creamy dial as the hand wound model and without the "automatic".  IMHO the new dial  (cream without "automatic) looks so much better than the silvery dial of the original model.

Only visions of an angry wife and expectations of more goodies coming soon from VC held me back from pulling the trigger.

This will be a really good year for VC.Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...

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Re: Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...
06/10/2007 - 13:35

Kazumi, I am beginning to like that patrimony more & more, why didn't I pay attention to it all these while?

Anyway, my boutique piece should be arriving this late month  Can't wait!!!

Proper conclusions
06/10/2007 - 14:53

The size of your wrist predestinates smaller diameter of the timepiece, for example Patrimony Small Second (Ref. 81160). This is my watch...


I was a fervent detractor of the Patrimony finding it too big but the
06/10/2007 - 15:36

subtle details of the watch make it probably one of the nicest time olny pieces on the market today, and one I am seriously considering for myself!!!!

The Double Retrograde for me is a true winner classical design with a modern approach. This model is selling like hotcakes and VC is having trouble keeping up for demand on this watch.

The 1st generation Patromony automatics will end up becoming collector items as the sunray motif dial was only produced for 1 year!

Thanks for sharing Kazumi...looked like a fine day  

"The 1st generation Patrimony with sunray motif dial"
06/10/2007 - 17:27

Any scan Alex? Thanks!

Here you go Rei...
06/10/2007 - 17:34

Kakkoi! Sweet...
06/10/2007 - 19:30

Goshashin arigatou!

Sunray Patromony autos...
06/10/2007 - 22:48

Why does VC discontinue the sunray Patromony after only one year? I think it is a very good base-model in the Patromony serie and a real beauty as we can see in Kazumis great pics.



I think that they wanted consistency in the dials of the 3 metal
06/11/2007 - 00:19

combionations (YG, RG and WG).

Re: Sunray Patromony autos...
06/11/2007 - 02:58

As Alex mentioned, with the dial replacement, there is now more consistency down the line.  Now both the Contemporaine Hand Winding and Automatic have the same type of creamy dial.  Aside from the consistency in dial material, the removal of the word "Automatic" on the newer model is a subtle change but a big aesthetic improvement which goes well with the austere dial type.

I think there was some initial backlash when VC came out with the silvery dials on the Automatic.  After being used to the more serene dial type of the Hand Wound, the sun ray dial of the Automatic did stick out in contrast.  Some people like it for the vintage look though.  On the other hand, the sudden discontinuation might really make the sun ray dial version more collectible due to its short production run.  Sorry, I forgot to take photos of both new and old versions side-by-side.

Hello Mariusz...That is the one I am looking at
06/10/2007 - 17:26

Hello Mariusz...That is the one I am looking at right now and I must say it looks just lovely on your wrist.  At first I was contemplating only the WG but the warmth of the RG was just too much. 

The Contemporaine Automatic is also very beautiful, especially with the see-through back.  The VC rep (very nice guy) said it looked good on my wrist but I am still waiting to compare the RG versions of the Contemporaine Manual Winding, the Automatic, and another piece that Alex will be telling us about soon.

Thank you Kazumi, does the Bi-retrograde seem thick? (nt)
06/10/2007 - 21:45


Re: Thank you Kazumi, does the Bi-retrograde seem thick? (nt)
06/11/2007 - 02:40

No not at all.  Considering the diameter of the watch, I would say that the thickness is just right, so the watch is quite beautifully proportioned.  Indeed I was surprised at how well balanced it was.  It really does not look or feel that big.  Of course, as you can see from the photos, legibility is not a problem and the day and date indications blend very well with the color of the dial.

As Alex mentioned, there is a clean, modern aspect to it but it still does not depart from the classical lines which so define the Patrimony line and VC. 

Re: Patrimony Bi-retrograde first impression...
06/11/2007 - 07:31

I wish the Patrimony Bi-Retrograde came with a small second (very small one)...



Central seconds?
06/11/2007 - 14:19


Thanks Kazumi,
06/11/2007 - 15:57

for the magificent shots

And it's as always,

first when you see them beside each other you se the differences,

which are quite stunning.

Much more as what you imagine when you see them pictured one by one.

Also a special thanks to Maurisz superb wrist shot,

I really love that one

I hope to be able to show Dopc's Patrimony soon

Nice thread guys !


My opinion: Days retrograde should begin with Sunday, like a calendar
06/13/2007 - 20:07