Patrimony Extra Plate estimate and advises


I've got an opportunity to purchase a Patrimoni Extra Plate watch. It's from 1989 and in perfect condition. Selling Price is 3 000€, the seller want's to get rid of it. How can I check everything's fine with it ?

The seller is retired ans bought it in 1989 with papers, croco pocket etc...

A couple of more questions ; do you know

- the quote for such a model ?

- the caliber of this model ?

Pictures of it (poor quality indeed) are available at these url :

Patrimony Extra Plate estimate and advises

Patrimony Extra Plate estimate and advises

Thanks, STF

Hi Staeph and welcome to the Lounge. You need to make sure the
03/31/2008 - 02:34

seller has the correct papers (ie: the numbers on watch case and warantee should match). From the scans you post the watch looks to come with the required box and papers.

From your scan the watch looks like a ref 33092 (the ref n° should be in the papers) using the extra slim caliber 1003.

As for price you may want to do a search on to se what past prices have been. €3000 seems reasonable but you should keep in mind that resale may be difficult as the watch is rather small for today's tastes (it is 31mm-32mm).

Good luck


Thank you Alex
03/31/2008 - 21:39

I shall take your precious point of view in account, since I do not want to depend too much on market's taste in case I would like to separate from it one day. Regarding authenticity and condition, I will check for matching references and other details carefully.

One question : don't you think that the run for big watches is subject to change sometimes, soon ?

Thank you again, your contribution helps me a lot in my choice.


I definately think that the trend for ridiculously large watches will
03/31/2008 - 21:48

end sooner or later and classical size will be in the 38mm-40mm range but I greatly doubt we'll go back to 31mm-33mm case sizes.