Patrimony Minute Repeater Calibre 1731 in Platinum - Live Pics.

I had the opportunity to hold the 1731 in Platinum over the weekend. A major retailer is having a boutique exhibition where they have displayed complicated timepieces - mostly grand complications, usually one from a brand. This includes many independents. From VC, the 1731 is displayed. The WT (original in Blue) and Patrimony QP also displayed, bit not sure if it iss part of this exhibit. The sales manager was kind enough to show to the 1731 and a masterpiece by Lange - the Lange 1 QP with Tourbillon.

I was blown away by the 1731. Though I have seen this in PG before, I did not expect to like the grey / white tone of the platinum when I saw it first in pictures. Unfortunately could not hear the chimes as the movement side was covered in transparent cellophane.



Pics are attached here.
12/29/2015 - 15:17