Greetings all,
Here are some photos of my shiny new Patrimony in platinum with slate grey dial. Most are regular macro shots, 2 are are a little more artsy and the last two are done with focus stacking, using about 20 images each. Thanks to Dan's inspiration.

I used different techniques to take the photos: single focus withe camera and lens on a sliding rail which allowed fine movements back and forth to get different parts of the dial in focus; and a fixed lens position with changing the focus through the use of the focussing ring on the camera. Both metods worked well.
There are many different methods using a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. I used Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop to handle them. (couldn't get the raw files into Lightroom for some reason.)
As you can see, the entire dial is in focus in the penultimate photo. Compare it with the 4th photo which is a single photo at f/8. Only part of the dial is in focus. And in the last one, the buckle and the reflection in it as well as the back of the watch are all in focus.
(BTW, if you're looking for the s/n on the case back, I used the healing tool in PS to blend out the last 3 digits.
A little tedious to do but once you get the hang of it and concentrate on taking the photos properly, it's pretty straightforward.
I love this watch! It is so elegant and beautiful. I personally prefer it to the WG/black dial which I owned, the RG/slate dial and even the Excellence Platine model. But that is a personal preference.











11/29/2015 - 03:15
11/29/2015 - 13:14
11/30/2015 - 15:43
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11/30/2015 - 17:03
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Pure class in a dress watch!
11/29/2015 - 05:44

Great photos of a dress watch of pure class JB!

thanks for the wonderful pics! I love them 




Re: Pure class in a dress watch!
11/30/2015 - 15:40

Thanks Robin.

I'm glad you like the photos and the watch :-)

Having seen your own beautiful photos, I am very pleased.


Love the watch and the photos
11/29/2015 - 11:53

I like the contrasts and the light, especially those pictures where details of the case are put into the foreground, brilliant!

The fourth from the top is my favorite.

Thanks also for your comments about the steps you took to get the final result.




Re: Love the watch and the photos
11/30/2015 - 15:42

Thanks so much for your kind words.

I am happy to share my knowledge. I only wish I had had more time to experiment. Every new undertaking has a bit of a learning curve.



Good job, Joseph!
11/29/2015 - 13:14

Especially last two pics!

Re: Good job, Joseph!
11/30/2015 - 15:43

Thanks Serge,

Always a pleasure to share.


D.I.Y. home improvements...
11/29/2015 - 17:00

I'm very impressed with your photographic results, Joseph yes.

Over a period of time your camera skills have improved most favourably.

Your 'running commentary' of how you approached the project is most helpful.

The subject matter must have been a great inspiration! wink...

A very nice presentation - much appreciated.

Best wishes


Re: D.I.Y. home improvements...
11/30/2015 - 15:47

Hi Tony.

Thank you for your encouragement.

I tried to capture the beauty of the dial but I think I did not succeed completely. It's a very stunning watch; for me the epitomy of the Patrimony line.

all the best,


I love grey dials too!
11/30/2015 - 05:49

I think they have more character and elegance than blue and black dials.  I've said it for the past few years "Grey is the new Blue, and before that...Blue was the new Black".

I don't know what color dial will lead the next trend, but I'm loving grey the most.

Congrats on the new watch AND the description of your photographic techniques plus processing!  So much to learn. :-)

I would ask for a wrist shot, but I expect to be taking one when I see you in January. wink

BR, Dan

Re: I love grey dials too!
11/30/2015 - 17:03

Hi Dan,

Thanks very much.

I hold you responsible for the focus stacking attempts...worth the efforts.smiley

I do agree with you about the grey dial. I just purchased another grey dial watch, but not a VC, but haven't received it yet.

I did mean to take a wrist shot but got caught up in the focus stacking that I completely forgot.

BTW, you will notice that in the 2 focus stacked shots, there is a little colour aberration. This is not the fault of the technique. The original jpegs (about 12MB) look fine. But the uploading process which shrinks the files done dramatically cause this colour shift.Best,


Excellent timepiece JB. I love the time only Patrimony, and with your version,
11/30/2015 - 09:19

you have something even better than a transparent caseback - you have a Platinum caseback which is True Luxury.


Re: Excellent timepiece JB. I love the time only Patrimony, and with your version,
11/30/2015 - 17:06

Thanks Kunal,

It is indeed a beautiful watch.

There is something about a time only simplicity especially in this combination.


OH WOW!!!!! Congrats my friend :-)
11/30/2015 - 11:05
+100 A true beauty Joseph! Class for a classy gentleman.
11/30/2015 - 21:22


Re: +100 A true beauty Joseph! Class for a classy gentleman.
12/01/2015 - 03:40

Thanks Tim,

You're making me blush blush

Many thanks,


Re: OH WOW!!!!! Congrats my friend :-)
12/01/2015 - 00:30

I guess that means you like it! (LOL)

many thanks.

Have a great time in Paris this week.



11/30/2015 - 15:27

heartBeautiful !  Another winner, Joseph.

12/01/2015 - 00:31

Thank you, Dean

Hopefully I'll get a chance to show it to you in the near future.



Very nice Joseph
11/30/2015 - 19:11

A great time only watch. There is little to beat it for elegance, I think.

(except perhaps the Excellmxe Platine - but that is MY personal preference- as you will know!)

Hope to see you soon.

BTW I may be in Toromto in May next year.


Re: Very nice Joseph
12/01/2015 - 00:33

Thanks Gary,

i do know your taste for platinum.

That one is a real beauty as well.

Let me know when you you will be here. It would be great to see you and have dinner.

The pool should be open by then too.



Superb addition ! Congrats !
11/30/2015 - 20:31
Re: Superb addition ! Congrats !
12/01/2015 - 00:34

Many thanks, mon ami.

Vacheron does know about elegance.



A surprising move...but a nice catch
12/02/2015 - 14:35

Well, not so surprising to me, as I have ardently admired the gray dial Patrimony since it was launched.  You had a rare beauty in the black dial "German" version, but I agree that there is something very compelling in the gray dial.

I tortured myself and several others (Bill, are you listening?) over the gray dial v.  hunting the Excellence Platine version, one I missed out on several years ago and regretted ever since. Last year I corrected my earlier mistake, but it was such a close call between the gray and the platinum dials.  And this past weekend I got to play with the RG/gray dial version, which is also stunning.  I am a fan 100% of VC's gray dials.  No one does them better, and I feel about the gray as Dan does. 

Your photos capture this Patrimony so well, Joseph.  I am also a fan of your work!  Thanks for bringing back all of my memories of this beautiful watch.  I will wear mine today in your honor.



Re: A surprising move...but a nice catch
12/03/2015 - 01:47

Thanks Robert for your very kind comments about the watch and the photos.

I did consider the EP for a while but I found the Grey dial PT more compelling, The was aalso the Traditionelle (which I first thought was a Patrimony) with beautiful diamond baguettes as the markers. As I said to Bill on another forum, if that watch had had a grey dial then there would have been a lot more agonizing.

Hopefully ypu'll see the watch soon, on my wrist.



What a lovely and amazing piece
12/02/2015 - 17:03

And a great addition to your amazing collection.  I have been super busy and have meant to comment sooner. I cannot wait to see some wrist shots.  I think this watch is the modern epitome of elegance and purity of design.  Beautiful.  Thanks for taking the time to share some great photos.

Re: What a lovely and amazing piece
12/03/2015 - 01:49

Thank you, Jaimie,

I agree completely with your sentiments. It really is a very elegant watch.