Could anyone kindly tell me the list price of the PatrimonyTraditionnelle Self-Winding (ref. 87172), please? 

And if anyone could give me his opinion on the watch, I would be greateful.


I really like it except for the
03/08/2008 - 18:29

date window which kind of unbalances the look IMHO.

I'm a fan of ex-centered dials so the PT rocks my boat, I really like the two tone dial and the case is masculine without being too big (38mm)

This watch found its inspiration in a piece made in 1935

But even more in a piece made in 2006 for the Japanese market

sacn courtesy of Time Tunnel

Prices are: euro 14,400 in RG and euro 15,700 in WG (if you live in the US or Asia don't use this base to calculate prices in USD)

I tried it at my dealer a couple of weeks ago and really liked it and
03/08/2008 - 18:47

the date doesn't bother me at all, on the contrary I find it useful.

Thank you :) (nt)
03/09/2008 - 00:47