Perhaps a 40mm overseas?

After one year of research I find the Overseas line (except the small model which is a quartz, OMG!Perhaps a 40mm overseas?) to be the most beautiful sports watch I have ever seen. BUT, alas, its too BIG.

I would like to know if VC will ever release, perhaps a 40mm Overseas?

Can the custom department make a 40mm on request?

I know I am not the only one here, so...

Something I greatly doubt we will see. You have 3 choices
04/23/2008 - 13:23

either to get used to the size and this has happened to yours truly: 5 years ago I wouldn't even dream of wearing anything over 36mm and today my 42mm Overseas chrono looks the perfect size!

Second solution as you say would be to commission a special piece. 

Third solution would be to buy the Overseas 1 (discontinued in 2004) which was 40mm (chrono) and 37mm (time only)

A Perfect Fit!
04/23/2008 - 19:53