PHIDIAS First Version vs Second Version ; Question

Hallo ; this is my first Thread in this Forum. I ve got an Overseas of 2001 (the 37 mm Modell) which is really a fantastic watch.

I m interested in a PHIDIAS. The first Version which appeared around 1989 was a lovely timepiece. In a Review in the german magazin "CHRONOS" it was compared to AP Royal Oak and PP Nautilus.
In this first Version a Piguet 9.5 Kaliber was taken.

The second Version (called Chronometer) had some modifications. The bezel and dial changed and it got a "Protection" at the crown.

Here are my questions:

1.  Has the size of the body changed ? Is the second version bigger in diameter than the first one.
2. Is there still the Piguet 9.5 inside or does it include Jaeger le coultres 888/889 ?

    Does any member has got experiences with both versions ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

are you refering toe the Chronometre Royal version? It had cal 1126
01/17/2011 - 12:29


As Alex mentioned
01/17/2011 - 12:33
The other model you are referring to is powered by the cal. 1126 (which should be based on a JLC ebauch) and is larger than the first model. It is mentioned briefely in the thread below.  You should find more info by using the forum's search function. Hope this helps.
Re: PHIDIAS First Version vs Second Version ; Question
01/17/2011 - 13:13
Thank you both for yor fast and nice answering. The phidias is a VC which isn t that popular as the 222 or Overseas, but i like it because it s smooth and handsmiling Design.   But i would prefer the Chronometre Royal Version because of it s JLC movement. To my impression the piguet 9.5 isn t on  the same high class level as the Jaeger Ebauche. The chronometre Royal is larger , you said.  Do you (or anybody else) know exactly the dimensions ?? Thanks  Martin