Photograph of authentic vintage VC buckle

Hello, all. A few weeks ago we were discussing vintage VC buckles, and I did not post a picture owning to computer illiteracy. I am still computer illiterate, but a buckle of the type I was mentioning recently sold as eBay item 300144051650. (It's an Audemars buckle, but at that period I think the Audemars and VC buckles were the same.) If any of you is still interested, I would recommend taking a look at the photographs associated with that auction. I look forward to learning whether the buckle appears correct to you.

the buckle you mention looks pretty generic to me. It is announced as
08/30/2007 - 12:03

being an AP buckle but I do not see and insciption retaling to the brand.

I think these vintage buckles should look more like in Doc's scan below:

Generic perhaps, but it matches exactly the one I bought
09/04/2007 - 11:17

at the AP boutique in Geneva. It matches not only in shape but all of the markings are the same. The people at the boutique were astonished that they happened to have one on hand (since it was probably 40 years obsolete), and when I asked if I could get a second one I was assured there was no chance of finding one.