Pictures of a Hommage aux Explorateurs


Some of you here allready know my pictures, so I did not want to give a second life to these one, seen on other forums last year.

But Alex asked me kindly to post them here. His main argument to convice me has been to say that some of you did not see them.

So, I had the chance to make some shots last year, during an Vacheron exhibition in Strasbourg, France. This timepiece has been a real pleasure to discover. I travelled in the south of the South America for one hour, one hour of happiness.

Pictures of a Hommage aux Explorateurs

The other pictures are here :

Some other pictures will follow. But, this is an other story.

The Hour Lounge background is specially nice for these pictures indeed ! You finally had a good idea Alex !

And now, I'm proud and happy to see these images "at home".



Outstanding Deniz!
05/19/2007 - 02:05

Just marvellous pictures, as always from you!

But how many times I have been back to your site,

to check the moon, I can't count!

These are marvellous, as I said,

but the MOON is just the utmost pictures!

You have already beaten yourself!

God, if that moon could be at my wrist,

but on the other hand walking around,

with a maginfying glass, would look a bit ridiculous :-)

Thanks for these pics!


Beautiful time and art piece.(nt)
05/19/2007 - 05:16


The Hommage is one of those watches only VC could produce. Enamel
05/19/2007 - 11:15

dial with alternative time display all in a perfactly harmonious manner spells VC. Its one of my dream Vacherons

Its a lovely watch and sooooo rare! I only saw one at a dealer and he had it in his window for less than a week!!

Deniz, thank you for reposting these wonderful photos. I love the way you staged the watch