Please give me your 2 c

I'm plannimg to buy a new watch and after a lot of search and thought, (and encouragement from my wife), I decided to go for the best (i.e. VC).

I love watches, not just Haute horlogerie, and during the last 6 years I buy 1 every year. Because my income is not unlimited I ended up with 2 Rolex (GMT MasterII, just Date), 1 Maurice Lacroix, 1 Lamborgini and 2 Pirelli (don't lauph).

So I decided that I will restrain myself for a couple of years and go for the brand that I really adore. The one that I was dreaming about when I was buing the other watches, which I also love.   

I decided to buy the Overseas Dual time SS Black face but since this is a significant buy for me I would like something unique and I am thinking to ask the bespoke department to put a sun on the day / night dial. A small change that hopefully will not alter the price a lot.  

Since I really appreciate your opinions could you please reply? Do you think that this change is tastefull? Will it have an impact on the balance of the dial? any other ideas?  Perhaps a Malte Dual time Doc?


I am always here to help a watch lover!! :-D
11/01/2007 - 18:10

This an original idea, but I don't know if it is possible (if yes, which would be the price?).

In my opinion, I would keep the watch as it! The dial is already "charged", I wouldn't add a sun more!

Or, another solution (in my mind), ask to remove the moon, and ad a sun...but the two, on a very little circle, too much for me.

For the Malte (Tonneau) Dual Time, precisely, the only point I don't like on this watch is that "Day" and "Night" are written on the too smal dial!

I hope you will enjoy your future Overseas George

This watch is already a really "unique" watch, really original (compare with the AP RO Dual Time...same spirit, but not the same charm), really nice...

My two kronor, since I'm from Sweden !
11/01/2007 - 18:21

I'm  a dedicated collector of V&C from Art Deco,

as you probably got

If I should get dress wacth it's a  Patrimony manual.

Which I'll try too...

And YG/RG always stays.

 Otherwise it's OS.

Or my old (?) , 2 years, DTR

After two years everyday............



Doc is the Patrimony in your photo the one
11/02/2007 - 09:15

that is currently in production? At the catalogue the hands, the way the crown is connected to the case and the size of the cross look different. BTW you have add some amazing wrist shots at this forum!!!!

Yes, the Patrimony in Doc's photo is still in production but it
11/02/2007 - 16:15

is the special Boutique edition and only available in VC Boutiques until April/May 2008.

there's an excellent article in Watch Time on the Patrimony Manual wind called "Try a Little Slenderness", check it out in the Press Corner.

Your wife encourages you to buy a VC?! WOW she is a gem :-) regarding
11/01/2007 - 23:36

the Overseas Dual Time bespoke edition the idea seems interesting and certainly one which would not cost you an arm. The best solution would be to contact VC's bespoke department and discuss your idea and see what the designer will say about this and he may also offer possibilities which could be interesting.

Whatever way keep us posted

Re: Please give me your 2 c
11/02/2007 - 08:58

Fred your idea (the moon is disapearing, the sun is rising) is even better.

Doc the Patrimony manual in RG with black face is amazing but I will need a new strap every year :-) Having only 1 VC (at least for 3 more years) and not being able to wear it everywere will depress me. It sure is a very serius contestor for the next one.

Alex yes. My wife is a real gem, isn't she? thank you for your reply. This forum wouldn't be the same without you.

Then go for this!
11/02/2007 - 12:04

You will not get disappointed