Please Help

I received this watch as a present from my father. It is unclear where it came from originally. I dont have any paper work or other details. The watch band has been switched and that's about all I know. I would greatly appreciate if you can 1) let me know if you think this is real 2) if so, what kind of VC it is (It's not on VC's website and had not been able to find a matching one online).

I've included a couple of scans but let me know if you need better ones.

Thank you all!

Please Help

Please Help

Hi JJ!
09/25/2007 - 12:27

To my best knowledge, you are an owner of a real McCoy! I have the same watch (if the dial is black/ruthenium). Production dated late 1990's. Model Patrimony Power Reserve diam. 36 mm - I was told it had been made in LE of 200 hundred pieces in this color combo. What I love the most about the watch is the unusual power reserve indicator .

May it only time happy moments for you.

Re: Please Help
09/25/2007 - 18:00

Thank you so much for the response. Just curious and would like some additional information if possible from everyone. 1) How can one tell that this is real? I just would like to be educated for my benefit. 2) I am guessing when you said "LE," it means limited edition. Is that usually a good or bad thing in terms of VC watches? 3) Is it worth while getting insurnace on it, since I am guessing it is worth a good amount. 4) If I decide to get insurance, where can I have the watch appraised? Does VC do it? 5) How often do I need to have it maintained? (any other general care tips would also be appreciated. 6) Lastly, one really stupid question, is there a way to set the date other than to adjust the time until the date is correct also? I don't always wear the watch and would need to spend several minutes to get the date correct.


Re: Re: Please Help
09/25/2007 - 19:35

Although your watch is likely genuine, I would be reluctant to make a definitive comment without seeing better photos than the ones you provided. One cannot se any detail of the dial or the movement. A close-up photo would certainly be helpful.

As far as changing the date, I believe theitr is a little indentation above the crown that when pushed in (you will a little pusher) advances the date.

Good Luck

How to tell if your watch is real or not
09/25/2007 - 23:38

Hi JJ,

Here's a fun guide as to find out if your watch is real or not:

More seriously its hard to point out details you need to know if the watch is real but generally the watch you hold in your hand has to exude quality.

As for certificates for insurance VC do provide them. Please check their web site for the proceedure to follow to obtain one.

Its a nice watch your father gave you, wear it in good health

09/25/2007 - 23:52

Missed that guide before !

Fantastic !

Thanks Shady Joe


Re: How to tell if your watch is real or not
09/26/2007 - 00:41

Thanks for your response. I did read the guide and the first defintely applies to me. Generally, the watch I have looks much better than some of the fakes that have been on this site. I am including a zoom of the back of the watch if that helps at all. I agree with you regarding your statement on quality, and this watch feels like it might be the real thing. However, given my limited experience, I'd thought that you all could provide some insight. Any thoughts on having the watch looked at? It is difficult to get better shots. 

Thanks again.

don't worry its real and Shady Joe's rule n° 1 does not apply to
09/26/2007 - 01:09


Re: Re: How to tell if your watch is real or not
09/26/2007 - 02:07

It does look genuine in this photo. I used to own one in white gold.

The pic also show the little indentation I mentioned to change the date.

Wear it in good health.


Never seen before.
09/25/2007 - 19:58

Sorry to say, I haven't seen this model before.

Looking at the movement makes me wonder....

especially when you look at the rotor and the overall finish,

but the images could be better

Somebody who knows more?



Here's a similar VC watch.....
09/27/2007 - 00:06

that I got off the Internet a few years ago.  Although the dial color may be different from yours, I note that all the other details of your watch are the same, including the fractional numbering shown on the power reserve:

I agree with the other Loungers that your watch looks like the real deal.  Congratulations!  Not only is it a superb beautiful watch, it is a unique treasure being passed down from your father.  I inherited a lovely Omega from my dad, & every time I strap it on I can't help but think of him.  It's a wonderful feeling.  May you wear this watch in good health and with great memories!


Ooops, I'm sorry, this watch was a gift & not inherited.....
09/27/2007 - 00:13

Sorry, I misread your message thinking your father had passed away.  It's infinitely better getting this great watch as a gift from your father & not as an inheritance.  My sincerest apologies.