Please, help to identification my watch

Hi! My name is Dmiriy. Sorry for my Inglish - i am from Russia.

I need in your help to identification my watch:

Please, help to identification my watch

and this mechanics only

Please, help to identification my watch 

and cover

Please, help to identification my watch

I thihk that cover and body of watch is not V&C, but mechanics is realy V&C.  And what you think about this.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Dmitriy Vasilenko

Hi Dimitry, that's obviously a recased pocket watch. The movement is
02/26/2008 - 15:38

still key wound (and there is a hole in the case back to enable winding). The movement would be pre 1850s.

The dial is interesting as it has ET (and in French) instead of the habitual &. I need to check if other dials had the same indication.

As you have guessed the case is not original.

What kind of information were you looking for?

Vacheron et Constantin is OK !
02/26/2008 - 16:36

They have named watches in the 1860-1880's Vacheron et Conatsntin.

Your watch is probably from that time.

Also in the period 1920-1940, it happened that they wrote Vacheron et Constantin sometimes,

why I don't know, but I have seen several wristwatches with that text.

I believe I have some, but can't find it now

They even had the named changed 1939 to the official name 1939 !