Please help Tony Chance to publish!!!!

I had the great honour to meet 'Tony Chance' for some hours a week ago in London.
I'm honoured!
He has the watch and he has bought it new all papers etc etc.
Mint condition.

We spent over 1 hour by phone beteween UK and Sweden.
It just doesn't work.
He is doing everything right.
It would be a tragedy for the Lounge not seeing what I, doc never seen in my VC life.
A 50 year old watch with the papers from the owner, not bought but still in his possetion!

Come on, give him a chance (!) to show all us.
I also have made the pics smaller in handlebar size...

once the "new topic" page is open the post must be made within
06/02/2010 - 11:52
an hour, if not the system logs out automatically. If he does everything right maybe a need to clean cookies. If that still does not work I don't understand what is wrong. Can you post his scans?