please identify my watch

i bought my first vintage VC watch 5 years ago. It was sold by a friend who needed the cash badly. I have the box with me but I had the watch brought to VC Hong Kong by my parents for maintenance (expensive to have it repaired in Manila and they send the watches to HK anyway). Anyway, since I won't be able to take pictures now, can you please identify my watch?

Ladies size. 18k yellow with croc strap.
Tear drop lugs and clear crystal sapphire at the back.

REF: 10084/000J-3
Bte/Case#: 645872
Mvt: 834161
Dial: 1-7983

It was bought at a local upscale department store here in the Philippines. It was bought July 3, 2009. I gathered all these details from the International Warranty Card provided.

I am new to VC's and I have not worn this watch that often. It's stuck up that's why I had it repaired in HK. I've been searching the web for possible models and current value but to no avail.

Please help a newbie! thanks a lot!
Hi and welcome. You watch is ref 10084. From the Historiques model
11/03/2010 - 16:03
range and launched in the 1990s. You actually have all the information you need on the warranty card :-) What other type of information were you interested in? As for value I would suggest taking it to an auction house or a vintage watch dealer who can give you a quote.