Please, information on "Liberte" commemorating CH

Can anyone provide information on the "Liberte" (photos below) manufactured to
commemorate 700 years of the Confederatio Helvetica (the founding of Switzerland)?

I'm interesting in maybe purchasing this watch but cannot find much info
about it. I've been searching the Internet with little luck.
I'm knew to watches and VC in particular and wonder if anyone knows
about this watch or where I can write to VC to get specific information??

I've seen a few listed on vintage watch sites here in Japan and have
gone and looked at 2 in person. It's an absolute testament to the
beauty of simplicity. Subtle, clutter-free dial but eluring in only all
white and 18K yellow gold. The one I saw today is the only one I have
seen so far with a box, leather folder, VC garantee card (dated Oct 1991), instructions,
etc. The one I am interested doesn't seem to have the original strap, but has original gold
buckle. Would not having original strap matter much with a "sort of
vintage" watch?

I'm curious to know the numbers produced, movement, how it compares to
other VCs, and as to whether it might be (become) a collector's item?
I really like the design, regardless. The closest I can find in terms of
looks is the Les Historiques (Square Toledo). It may have been
made only for the Asian (Japanese?) market. Sadly, the only websites
that refer to this watch are those "replica sites". Scary.

All I know is this: it was made in 1991 to commemorate 700 years of the
founding of CH. It's 18K YG, has a caliber 1015, and is

Thanks for any info you can provide. 

Please, information on  "Liberte" commemorating CH

Please, information on  "Liberte" commemorating CH

Please, information on  "Liberte" commemorating CH

Welcome to the Lounge Ron, give me a few days to search for an
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Uploading URL with photos
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Thanks for looking into this. I appreciate your help.

It seems the photos I uploaded are now not appearing. (Maybe only 1 is allowed??)

I found a URL with the same photos. You can get a look at the watch at the link below.

(I hope this works)



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Finally some answers... this model was from the Historiques
11/09/2007 - 16:15

model range but even though the case is similar to the Toledo's, it is not a Toledo and has a different movement. It was launched in 1991 for the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation, not a limited edition but made in less than 500 pieces.

Hope this helps

Re: Finally some answers... this model was from the Historiques
11/11/2007 - 02:49


Thank so much for taking the time to find out this information and posting it here. It's interesting to know they only made around 500. In thinking about what I really want in a VC watch, I have decided to pass on this one but will continue to look at others until I find the one I want. I like the Historiques Toledo look (square case). I really like VC as a company and the watches they make. I'll continue to look around and also stay tuned to the forum for valuable information. Best reagards, Ron