Please recommend tools for changing Overseas strap

I recieve my first VC watch next month (overseas automatic) which comes with a leather and rubber strap. My AD said switching them is not something I can do, and I would need a professional. Taking it to a shop every time I want to switch the strap doesnt seem practicle, so unless someone here can give a good reason why I cant buy the tools and do it myself I was wondering if someone could recommend the best tools to make the job as safe and easy as possible.

I plan to get the steel bracelet as well, so with three straps this is something I really should learn. Not to be picky, but it seems like a minor design flaw to not have an easy way to change the strap. Some type of quick release system with no tools needed would seem reasonable. Certainly designing something like that can't be more complicated then the movement inside :P.

I'm with you
02/27/2013 - 00:41
The OS strap and bracelet should be owner-interchangable with the proper tools but I don't favor quick-release systems that are prone to fail.  One thing I would ask VC (if they are listening) is to include extra screws with rubber or leather straps as they will become mangled with repeated use, or get lost blush.  Thanks to Daniel of NY Boutique and Laurent of Aftersales Service, I managed to get an emergency supply while at SIHH but it would be most convenient if they were simply included.