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Good evening !

I'm new of this forum , and I wonder if you can say anything about the following watch , which , as you can see , is a Vacheron-Girod : is that before becoming Vacheron-Constantin or what ? I mostly would like to know how old is .

Anyway it's still perfectly working .

Thanks for any help .

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pocket watchpocket watch

Vacheron Girod. In 1786 Jean-Marc Vacheron's son, Abraham
12/23/2007 - 18:46

marries Anne-Elisabeth Girod and adds her name to the watches he makes: Vacheron Girod. However in 1810 Abraham's son takes over the company which is then officially named Vacheron Girod and used until 1816 when the name was changed to Vacheron Chossat.

Your watch therefore dates between 1786-1816.

Hope this helps and welcome to the Lounge