Poor VC dealer service, any suggestions ?

I recently purchased my first Vacheron and I’m delighted with it. The watch was manufactured around 1994 and came to me in stunning condition with the leather pouch, outer box, Genève seal. I purchased it from the original owner who could not find the certificate of authenticity.
No problem I thought I would arrange an “extract from the archive”  Spoke to my nearest dealer in Leeds who promised to arrange it for me. Sent him an email with the case and movement numbers …..Not heard a thing back….that was 2 weeks ago.

Never mind I’m off to London for the weekend will nip in to Harrods and sort it there. The chap in the Vacheron concession although very complimentary about my watch and totally charming hadn’t a bloody clue what an “extract from the archive” was and suggested I speak to Harrods customer services!

When I did the same with my Patek with the local dealer, the EFA came through in less than a week !

Any suggestions?
Hi, Michael
02/25/2013 - 16:50
It looks like you know more than your local dealer wink You can send the info directly to Vacheron. Here is the link:http://www.vacheron-constantin.com/en2/services/service-archives Cheers, JB
The Extract from the Archives is a new service and I guess your
02/25/2013 - 18:44
dealer didn't know about it! As JB say you probably knew more than your retailer wink
If its a new service
02/28/2013 - 00:42
If its a new service then perhaps they should tell or train their dealers adequately . It is not acceptable for me to chase dealers to provide a service that is clearly advertised on the VC website. The VC website recommends that I contact my local dealer. I've contacted 2 and they haven't a bloody clue. Patek Phillipe however sorted out the same request in 10 days at the same cost CHF 150 If anybody from VC reads these posts then my email address is michael@richardsonsltd.co.uk
IMO, to be fair...
03/01/2013 - 07:32
Yes,  VC should train all of their Authorized Dealers and Boutiques on new services and offerings BEFORE they come out.  No argument hear at all, it makes customers feel significantly more comfortable when the sales people can talk knowledgeably about everything they offer! But I think this comparison with PP is not "apples to apples".  PP's Extract from the Archives is a mature offering that has been around for years (if not decades?).  If any PP dealer still doesn't know the process for obtaining an Extract for a customer...that would be an issue. Now if you went to a VC dealer and they knew nothing about obtaining a Certificate of Authenticity (which VC has been providing for a long time and is a mature service offering)...then I would say that Dealer and VC needs to get things set straight - no excuses. But when one introduces a new service, it does take time to get everybody up to speed. Best Regards, Dan
if I got a $ for every blank stare from a sales associate when I
03/01/2013 - 10:03
asked to see a watch in the window I would be able to buy a QDI now! I have visited very few multi brand retailers who have sales people who are knowledgable about the watches they sell, I guess that comes from the fact that they represent so many brands that they just aren't able/willing to know everything about their brands. I've also noticed that when there is no cash to be made they are even less willing and making a few bucks on a certificate probably doesn't interest the dealers you have spoken tono