Pre-1925 Pocket Watch Conversion

Newbee Here,

I have the opportunity to pick up this piece which I really like. How much or how little does the fact that this piece was converted to a wrist watch from a collectors perspective?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


conversion affects it dramatically
06/06/2015 - 04:50

VC does not consider this an authentic watch and will not recognize it.

if you like it, thata all that's necessary.  It's just not a VC watch.

Agree Dan, but I'd like to see the movement
06/06/2015 - 04:57

The OP's year seems right as a pin-set V&C, but the subseconds should then be at 9 on that dial as turned.  Some modifications had to be done to move the seconds to what would have been 3 o'clock on the original pocket watch, unless its a dummy and not running surprise

Re: Agree Dan, but I'd like to see the movement
06/06/2015 - 10:46

I saw that too!  wink  But since it isn't a legit VC...I decided not to elaborate. 

Re: Agree Dan, but I'd like to see the movement
06/07/2015 - 13:37

Thank you tick-talk,

Here's an update to the story. The timepiece movement apparently came from Cuba, since it was a hunter pocket watch, they removed the movement for the value of the gold in Cuba. The movement was then apparently brought by a Cuban refugee, knowing it had more value here in the States.  Given the uniqueness and the fact the piece is working, I ended up acquiring it. The piece cost me less than a nice croc strap, and after about 36 hours, it has only lost about a minute of time, not bad for a piece 100 years old.

Since acquiring it, I think I've spent those 36 hours trying to trace its origins and legitimacy. All indiciation the movement is legitimate, from the dial, hands and movement. I ended up finding, late last night a piece on Chronos24 that is nearly identical, only difference is the dial on the Chronos piece does not say Suisse, this would make sense if both of these pieces are still in the continent they were originally sold to,

I've uploased two additional pictures of my piece and photos of those of the Chrono24 piece. As Dan stated, I understand that VC or other collectors will not recognize this as a legitimate timepiece, but I can live with that given the beauty and the story (which I chose to believe).

Thank you again!


Curious to hear from others
06/06/2015 - 17:37

Would you consider a re-cased vintage watch, of any brand?  

Honestly, I would!  Considering the tradition of customer-supplied cases was very common in the American and English markets, and these orphaned movements would only fall into the garbage otherwise, I could see picking up an attractive example for general enjoyment.  WARNING - there is virtually no "collectors value" unless the caliber is so rare and unusual that it would stand on its own merits, ie, a Pellaton tourbillon, Westminster repeater, etc.