Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

"In an era characterised by a frenzied quest for productivity and constant concern for profitability, how can we continue to serve as guardians of the ethics that the watchmaking art justly claims to represent? Doubtless by remaining more loyal than ever to our traditions."

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

It is with these words that Juan-Carlos Torres started his speech on the Values Of Vacheron Constantin.

Yesterday September 24 Vacheron Constantin had organised a special event in collaboration with contemporary arist Silvana Solivella to present the Values of Vacheron Constantin not only by words buy via a series of artworks consisting of paintings, photography and film which inspired Silvana Solivella called Le Temps Miroitant.

We were greeted in the late afternoon under the Genevan sun by the warm smile of Asta Ponzo head of PR for Switzerland

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin 

I was accompanied by Isabelle Hudovernik head of Internet and Training department. She's not only a great person but also my boss Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Silvana Solivella and in the back ground the top guns of Geneva watchmaking, with my amazing photographic skill you can't see a face Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin but from left to right you have Dominique Bernaz (head of the Maison Vacheron Constantin), Philippe Stern (CEO of Patek Philippe), Charlie Torres (CEO of Vacheron Constantin) and Marc Guten (Deputy CEO of Vacheron Constantin)

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Inside we had an amazing and original musical show with a gigantic wooden xylophone and a wooden instument where the dancer tapped sticks on the wooden slates

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

But most important were the the presentation of these values

The Values of Vacheron Constantin

The values Vacheron Constantin wanted to share are values the brand has committed to throughout its histoy but also those which it undertakes to make his and to follow.

The polyptique below is the result of Silvana Solvella's artistic interpretation of Vacheron Constantin's Values

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin


The 1st image in the painting is of movements in focus. The represent the constant Search for Excellence. At Vacheron Constantin, the search for excellence is a state of mind, a dynamic to which each step in the process is geared, from design to finishing. Excellence is a quest, a dynamic. It is in motion, not static. Within a community, and this is even more true of a watch manufacture, the search for excellence affects everyone involved in each step of product development. Aside from the emulation to which it gives rise, this quest for perfection makes up a kind of shared gestural language that draws its users closer together.

Where excellence in watchmaking is concerned, the challenge is to make the material meet the requirements of accuracy and precision, which guarantee exceptional quality and thereby also the product’s timelessness and durability. High-precision mechanics is guided by the quest for the best.


The 2nd image represent a fireworks mechanism in the foreground, then the enchanting spectacle of the fireworks in the distance. This evokes the mysterious workings of the mind, which give rise to the idea and the light—the idea rubbing shoulders with the desire to make it a reality. An energy veiled in mysteries. A spark. A spark that flies beyond technical experience and from which emanates a light that crosses aesthetic boundaries.

Creativity—an intrinsic value of the Vacheron Constantin dynasty that lights the way for the company in all of its many activities. Vacheron Constantin encourages creative momentum among the company’s creative forces by providing them with the concrete material resources needed to develop it. It takes special care to establish a context or climate of sharing and exchange of ideas, in order to encourage emulation within the company.

Creativity is supported at various levels within the Manufacture. In production, this attitude allows Vacheron Constantin to make successful technical innovations, to manufacture movements with multiple complications. This stimulation gives birth to the aesthetic innovations and ensures them a position among the avant-garde.


The 3rd image is a portrait of a woman. Her glance and smile that are open to the world. A hospitable, maternal and very human smile. A smile that makes room for the Other that is illuminating it. For art implies a gaze and opens one to an awareness of his fellow man.

Vacheron Constantin positions itself as a citizen that is aware of the community in which it is developing. It consistently proves through its actions that economic goals are compatible with a social and commercial ethic. The company is integrated within the local economic and cultural fabric and in this way participates in developing jobs in compliance with the law. The company’s rules not depart from local laws, which are followed scrupulously. Additionally, the employees’ moral integrity and physical health are a priority.

Vacheron Constantin is committed to causes of more general interest that uphold human dignity; for example, it promotes fair trade, and is also concerned with preserving the environment. It also works to help the most destitute through its philanthropic activities.

Finally, Vacheron Constantin also offers support for the world of culture, including through a programme of talent spotting and promotion that has led to sponsorship of a youthful Spanish conductor, Inma Shara, one of the most talented of her generation. Within this partnership, she conducted a concert organised by Vacheron Constantin in Madrid last year on behalf of the Queen Sofia Foundation against Alzheimer’s disease.


4th image Grey circles, suspended against a white background. Simple round shapes in a white shade of black to emphasize their beauty. A mysterious iconography evoking a lunar landscape. Yet underlying this vagueness, the reality of the photograph asserts itself. The circles and round forms are the pieces of a watch movement—the spring barrel, escapement, balance wheel. The evocative power of the subject itself is no less powerful, unambiguously giving time the place of honour.

Tradition. Transmission. Respect. These are what have allowed the Fine Watchmaking crafts to endure—principles that transcend time, destructive chronos, or at least the time it takes for memories to fade. For these inseparable values are the link between the past and the present. They have allowed Vacheron Constantin to continue making watches uninterrupted for more than 250 years. Tradition, transmission and respect defy time. They conquer a time out of time, a time that revolves around humanity and all it has learned, from a timeless perspective.

Like art, precision craftsmanship stands the test of time. Creators and designers draw their inspiration from the forms of the past and translate them into a suitable language that can be passed on to later generations. Past, present and future nurture watchmaking’s creative process. The same is true for the craftsmen at the Manufacture Vacheron Constantin.

As soon as his first workshop opened in 1755, Jean-Marc Vacheron hired an apprentice. This was the act of a true founder: he ensured that his watchmaking knowledge would be passed on, thus allowing the creation of a shared body of expertise and experience, and thereby a collective memory.

A growing awareness of this shared history then makes it possible for tradition to develop—a tradition that supports the watchmaking Manufacture’s principles, that requires the watchmakers to do the right thing, the traditional thing, even if it dates back 250 years. Vacheron Constantin’s history comes to life in the hands of its craftsmen: “handmade” means a watchmaking heritage with a local corollary, the Hallmark of Geneva, that ensures a quality requirement of international significance.


5th image :Passion, red, that which comes from the heart, beyond reason. Passion incandescently displays its vibrant red. A living, warm emotion. Powerful energy.

Passion is a very important element of the alchemy that works its magic among the various people involved in the process of making a timepiece. Besides, has passion ever come to anything without being shared? So by communicating their enthusiasm, their flame, their passion, Vacheron Constantin’s employees become ambassadors for the brand.

Vacheron Constantin would not see itself in the way it does if its craftsmen were not filled with passion—the passion of capturing time and honouring it through that which is beautiful, precious, accurate, excellent. This is the love of quality workmanship that drives the master watchmaker, the enameller, the guilloché-work artist; and produces the accurate motions required for the creation of the piece. It is a passion that reveals the beauty in the craftsman’s movements, his expertise, patience, precision and refinement. A passion that goes beyond simply measuring time to enthral it. For passion transcends time. The amount of time required to make a timepiece is of secondary importance.

After the presentation the guests wandered through the atrium of the manufacture to admire Mrs Solivella's artwork

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

TV reporters were present

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Christian Selmoni Head of Product development who didn't want his photo taken :-)

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Juliette Capillaire, Area Manager for the UK, Netherlands, Greece (amongst others)

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin 

Aude Pittard from PR surrounded by Hugues de Pins (left) and Yassin Tag (right) from VC Middle East

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

our host Juan-Carlos Torres

All good things having an end the evening came to an end and I had to leave but without one last glance at the symbol of the brand

Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin

Highlights of certain pieces by Silvana Solivella
09/26/2007 - 01:07

Fracas d'Etoile

Le Temps Miroitant

Pierre de Lune

Temps et Contretemps

Creativity, passion, tradition, excellence and social conciousness =
09/26/2007 - 12:28

Vacheron. Bravo I like it a lot!!

Looked like a fine evening as well

Nice values
09/26/2007 - 13:23


Nice values but the total opposite of yours....
09/26/2007 - 14:06

Have a good day.


Are you Jérome de Belleville?
09/27/2007 - 00:01


Alex, Thanks for the report BUT
09/26/2007 - 15:04

Despite the elaboration in words, I still can't appreciate Silvana Solvella's artistic interpretation of Vacheron Constantin's Values.  To me, they are too abstract and profound.



kudos to Vacheron for committing to values which for us as collectors
09/26/2007 - 16:50

are very important.

I can see these values in VC's watches for example
09/26/2007 - 19:32

- creativity: the Masks and the Sputink are both very creative in design yet quite traditional in making

- excellence: the amazing finish of the calibers

- passion: the launching of this forum

- passing of traditions: engraving and enameling

Re: I can see these values in VC's watches for example
09/26/2007 - 20:38

+1 Totally agree with you Chronometer!!

Thanks Alex for the report!

Re: Presenting the Values of Vacheron Constantin
09/26/2007 - 21:08

Thanks for sharing your experience at this fete, Alex. Very cool

It looks like a wonderful mutimedia display, some interesting concepts to emphasize VC's ethos, for which I congratulate them and applaude them. Time to buy another VC!

Thanks again,


A very good summary;
09/26/2007 - 21:59

well done, Alex, and especially by sharing all these information.

Thanks Alex, for a nice trip in your world :-)
09/27/2007 - 18:28

Wonderful pics!

Wonderful words!

I thought I, who was your boss,

but when I see what you have done,

in getting a new boss,

I could also be employed


Good choice of values...
09/27/2007 - 21:15

The values "Pursuit of excellence", "Creativity" and "Respect of traditions" are evident in VC's pieces...

As for "Sharing our Passion", Alex, you are a the best example of this!!! (and I hope VC is also "Sharing its passion" with you by giving you the employee discount!)

Not to carp, but the value of customer service is conspicuously absent
09/28/2007 - 09:26

I speak as one who has been waiting nearly four months for a bracelet link, and during that period my interest in the new Chronometre Royal has gone from warm to ice cold. Abstract values and lofty goals are very nice, but if they don't pay attention to runnning their business they won't have one.

Re: Not to carp, but the value of customer service is conspicuously absent
09/28/2007 - 15:49

The Value of Customer Service should be covered by Pursuit of Excellence and Communication of Passion... Having said that, I completely agree with you - it is one thing to set lofty goals and abstract value, but then it is another to execute in real life those principles. I cannot take a personal view on this matter as I am not (yet) a VC owner, but judging from the feedback of other Loungers, it seems that overall VC has been able to execute well. It is a shame that you still do not have your bracelet link, which should not be the hardest thing to acquire. As discussed previously, maybe it is your AD who is at fault in this matter –if I were you I would try calling directly the VC Boutique in Geneva to see if the matter can be resolved quickly, or just try your luck with another AD. I wish you the best of luck in getting this matter resolved quickly!

as Veillotron says the problem can very well come from your AD. Why
09/30/2007 - 11:34

not call up VC in New York (details on the VC web site) and see if you can order one from another AD.