Pricing of Quai de l'Ile...

I hope that I am not jumping the gun or missing information from a previous thread by asking for a little more specific pricing on the Quai de l'Ile pieces. As far as I know 20k euros is the starting price of the Quai de l'Ile, but is this for the customized day-date version, or is this for the non-customized date only version? I am just trying to get a bit more information and sorry if I missed something earlier. Great reports from all who posted their nice time at SIHH here at the Hour Lounge!



Mike, pricing has been discussed before, but here it is again:
04/14/2008 - 22:34

These prices exclude Taxes (thanks Jerome!)... and are the suggested prices...

Day/time only model:

Titanium (the cheapest one): EUR20k - it goes up a little if you want RG or palladium

Power reserve model:

Titanium (the cheapest one) : EUR25k  Palladium (most expensive one): EUR33k (from memory...)

These prices are for the base models only. As soon as you customize, than you add 20% on to the full price, whatever the metal combination you choose.

What determines the "base metal" is the core frame of the watch...



Thanks Veillotron nt
04/14/2008 - 23:47