Problem with my VC Overseas Dual Time


It is just 2 years (and two days...) that I am wearing my VC Overseas Dual time with no problems so far. The accuracy, which fluctuated a lot within those two years (between the normal limits -4 +6 sec/day) has improved and is now almost about +- 0,5 sec/day. However today I saw that the watch had stopped as I was wearing it (the energy was at 100%). I realized it just 15 minutes after it had stopped and adjusted it again and it worked for about 10 minutes and then it stopped again and strangely enough the point where the seconds hand stopped was almost (or even exactly) the same as the first time. I did the same thing (new adjustment) and now it has been working for the past 2,5 hours without any sign of problem. Do you have any idea what this might be? Please not that the last day of  expiration of the official guarrante was two days ago.. Could it be something that happened randomly. I am afraid that if I take it to the dealer it might be the beginning of a new series of possible problems.. What do you suggest?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Problem with my VC Overseas Dual Time
08/03/2011 - 00:33

Hi again.The watch has stopped again in the same way and at the same point as I described before. I think there is no point in re-adjusting it again as it stops within some minutes or hours.. I guess i should take it to the dealer, hoping that they will manage to fix it (guarantee has theoretically expired 2 days ago- Sunday July 31st- could it still be repaired within the guarantee?..). But is this reasonable for a 2 year VC...? Any opinions?


did it undergo any shocks? I can't think of any specific problem but
08/03/2011 - 12:12

would think that the retailer would take it under warranty considering that the watch stopped a few days after warranty expiration.

please keep us posted.

Re: did it undergo any shocks? I can't think of any specific problem but
08/03/2011 - 20:49

Hi! Thank you for your reply. No, I am always very careful with it. No shocks, no water (I never wear it in the sea or pool or put it under water). I take it off for 8 hours max at night (energy reduces to 75%) and I leave it twice a year for up to 10 days with no winding at all (I had bought an EILUX winder but it does not seem able to keep it running for more than 3-4 days for some reason and also it does not fit in the bank vault...) and thus I re-adjust it. No accuracy problems before as well, except for the very beginning where accuracy reached the acceptable limits (-4 + 6 sec/day) and then improved. It just stopped. Today I contacted the dealer from whom I had bought it and they informed me that the official distributor/service center "PALATZIAN" is closed for holidays from 1st until the end of August so even if I had called them up on the 30th of July (Saturday), 1 day before the guarrantee expiration they would have still scheduled the inspection for September. They also informed me that VC is very "strict" with guarantee time limits but we are talking about 1-2 days... I really don't know what happens with the guarantee (is it extended for a month thanks to the distibutor's holidays?). Anyway, I have already informed the dealer in written so I hope everything is settled and the end of August/beginning of September within the context of the guarrantee. I will keep you posted. Regards

Re: Problem with my VC Overseas Dual Time
08/03/2011 - 19:47

I will take it back to the AD and have it looked at imediately. I also think the AD would honor the warranty since it is expired only a couple days ago. If the AD won't, try contacting VC in NYC and have them help you out.

Re: Re: Problem with my VC Overseas Dual Time
08/03/2011 - 21:44

Hi! Thank you for the reply. My sister is visiting NYC for 15 days next week. Do you think they could have it checked and fixed within this time space? Otherwise I think that it would be a bit difficult to have it sent back from USA with courier because of the customs issues etc. In any case I cannot find any AD emails in the VC site (I was thinking also of the Geneva AD) so I guess the VC policy is to contact the local dealer on the phone.  

I would suggest going through your local AD, much easier for
08/04/2011 - 12:33

customs reasons

Re: Problem with my VC Overseas Dual Time
08/04/2011 - 01:12

Hi! Just making a guess… If it stops exactly on the same time that means that the hands find some kind of resistance and stop the watch from working. That could be resistance between the hour and minute hand or the second and minute hand or the minute hand and the dial or the second hand and the glass.

Any way if that is the problem the solution is vary easy for the watchmaker.

Regards and good luck.  

I have bad experience of Dual Time...
08/06/2011 - 02:36

but it was a Malte Dual Time Reglateur Chronometer!

It was at least 3 times in Geneva for repair during 5 years!

I really loved that watch....when I had it.

Problem is when you are not living in a country with V&C watchmakers,

who can repair a complicated, or any, new V&C !

In most of the small countries in Europe you have to send the watch to the country's AD.

The AD then send it to Netherlands or Germany (?), and from there it finally end up in Geneva...

One time is OK, but...

It's actually easier with vintage watches, if you only know a decent watchmaker!

Hope you have an AD with a watchmaker with knowledge about new models inside your country,

otherwise it will be some months without your watchangry

Good luck, fingers crossed yes