Problem with VC Phidias

Hello,i own a watch Vacheron Constantin model Phidias gold,since 1992. I was generaly happy with it until 2005 when it started to have a permanent every night stop two or three hours after i went to bed.During the day it had no major problems apart from missing or going faster 2-3 minutes every month.I wear the watch all the time during day.I had it serviced at the shop i bougth it but after some months the problem returned.In june 2008 i decided to bring the watch myself to the representative of VC here in Athens Greece(Palatzian).After some days they said that the watch needed service with some parts replaced and the cost will be 555 euros.I accepted and started to wait.They returned the watch after seven!! months exactlly with the same problem plus the date was not centered,and a scratch was in the back case.Again i gave them back the watch and after one month the scratch was fixed somehow,but the watch still stoping every night.Once more i gave it back and a month later the watch was in my hands again with the same problem.They said that the tests were succesful so they can't do anything.I gave a lot of money for it and it wanted to be a lifetime watch as a Rolex i own from my father since 1984 whitch never had any problems and is running perfectly until now.Can anyone advice me what to do? How can i comunicate directly with the service center in Geneve? Thank you and forgive me for my English. Kellaris Epaminondas,     e-mail
this is not good! I will let the folks at VC know and see what can
05/05/2009 - 16:07
be done
Re: this is not good! I will let the folks at VC know and see what can
05/11/2009 - 13:44
thanks i am waiting..